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6 Best Android Magazine Apps

The best Android magazine apps listed here let you stay abreast of all the latest news via your handy smartphone or tablet. Want your daily dose of information or simply need to relax with a good read about your favorite topics? Well, you’ll find that the roster of best options mentioned here cater to all this and then some. They attempt to bring forth things that matter to you, right at your fingertips. This could be anything from popular publications to news bits. And the icing on the virtual cake here seems to be the $0 tag that’s attached to all of them.

1 – Zinio:


With the tagline, ‘world’s largest newsstand,’ you can very well imagine what’s in store for you when you download this delight. Right enough, you’ll be treated to the best library of digital publications plucked from all across the globe. Furthermore, you can avail of individual articles that are fresh out of the virtual oven each day.

The reading material covers all sorts of topics such as politics, art, travel, news, technology and style, to name a few. And if you find that a particular read may grab the interest of your close ones, you can always connect to Facebook and share it with them. You’ll even be able to enjoy your purchases offline.

2 – Google Play:

Google Play

Are you an avid reader who has the urge to stock up on the latest popular publications? Well, you won’t need to clear out your newspaper rack to accomplish this feat. All you need to do is download this particular entrant in our Android magazine apps lineup and choose from a plethora of titles present here. You’ll find reads about technology, fashion, photography, cooking, travel, sports and much more.

Through your handy device, you can seamlessly subscribe and avail of free 14- or 30-day Google Play trials or even acquire back issues of a few editions you might have missed out on. And according to the brains behind this endeavor, you can enjoy the fruits of this program on the couch, while on vacation or lounging at home.

3 – Pulse:


Besides just the publication format in question here, Pulse even displays information from all your desired social networks, blogs, newspapers and social networks. This inclusion in our Android magazine apps array rolls out your reading content in an elegant manner and even lets you save articles to different platforms.

You can also sync them with other services like Evernote, Instapaper and Read it Later. What’s more, sharing interesting items with loved ones is made possible through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and email. Some of its other features include Pulse highlights, tablet support, offline sync, dual view, source syncing and integration with Google Reader.

4 – Flipboard:


Through Flipboard, you’ll be able to easily piece together your very own compilation that comprises of both social as well as world news. Simply opt for a few topics of interest and in no time you’ll be flipping through pages that are splashed with content based on the same. Go ahead and read about news bits picked out from your Twitter timeline and other publications like USA Today, National Geographic, BBC, Cool Hunting, The Verge and Oprah.

You can also scan through pictures and videos that are shared via Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Looking for something specific? Well, don’t hesitate to search through topics, blogs, people, hashtags and favorite sites. And if you’re a resident of countries like France, Italy, Taiwan, UK, US, Australia, you’ll be able to enjoy special localized editions.

5 – Zite:


Want a smart solution that will help you zero in on all your favorite articles, videos, news and blogs? Well then, Zite is just the best companion you’ve been looking for. It has the ability to learn what you like and even aids you in tasting something new every now and then. Through the auto-suggest tool and various sections, you’ll be able to create quite an interesting compilation.

You can even sync the program with your Google Reader and Twitter accounts to get tailored content. Some of the options proffered in its ‘section’ category include music, news and commentary, gaming, science, film and TV, psychology and mind, gadgets and technology.

6 – Google Currents:

Google Currents

Our final contender in our Android magazine apps lineup leaps forth bearing the tagline, ‘favorite publications, tuned for your tablet and smartphone.’ Content that’s strewn across blogs, feeds and publications are presented to you in an easy, Swipable format. What’s more, the search technology brings you the latest stories in different categories like sports, news, business, fashion, food, technology, lifestyle, design, world, science and entertainment.

Take complete advantage of special publisher editions that include in-depth articles, photography, videos and slideshows about various topics. You can even use the sidebar to opt for a particular edition. And if English isn’t your first language, well you can rely on the Mountain View company to translate the editions into any of the 44 languages it supports.


Reading about all your favorite topics has never been easier. Everything that interests you can be soaked up directly through your portable gadget while on the go. No need to rely on physically signing up for monthly and yearly subscriptions. With these aforesaid best Android magazine apps you won’t even have to port along your favorite read to kill boredom while riding the bus or at a doctor’s waiting room. So which ones are you planning on getting your hands on? Do let us know by leaving a comment or two in the space just below.