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Best Android Heart Rate Monitor

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The following best Android heart rate monitor applications let you keep track of your pulse while on the go. Now your smartphone can be your best companion. It can point out to you the nearest restaurant, keep you entertained, and even allow you to play the latest games that are currently invading the mobile scene. But did you know that you can use your handy gadget to take care of your health as well?

Well, there are tons of software bits strewn across Google Play that cater to your physical well-being. You have loads of fitness apps, diet routines and other similar programs to avail of when the need arises. There are even exercise and yoga applications present on the virtual store. And among that lot are some useful self-examination apps for your pulse.

1 – Instant Heart Rate Pro:

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Just as the name aptly suggests, you’ll be able to fathom exactly what your pulse beats read as within no time. What’s more, you won’t even have to pair this program up with an external hardware of any sort. All you require is your smartphone. You can seamlessly track your progress while exercising or at work. Simply keep the tip of your index finger on your device camera and within a span of just a few seconds, you’ll be able to espy your required results onscreen.

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There’s even a real-time PPG graph which displays your every beat. Wondering how it works? Well, the idea is similar to the technique used in the medical pulse oximeter. Through the snapper, the software tracks color changes on your finger so that your pulse can be detected. You can even store your results so that a history chart can be kept for further reference. The maker beckons you to ‘install it now and keep fit.’ There’s even a free version of the application too.

Price: $1.99

2 – Heart Rate Monitor Plus:

Option 2

By shelling out a whole dollar extra, you’ll be able to get your hands on this particular entrant in our roster. You can opt from 3 types of views namely, workout, graph and map. As far as the former is concerned, your pulse, distance, present location and calorie consumption is displayed on your handset’s touchscreen. The second view lets you perceive your pulse, speed and altitude, all in a graph form. And lastly, the third sort shows you a map where your movements are traced with different colors according to your pulse activity at those points.

Price: $2.99

3 – Runtastic Heart Rate Pro:

Option 3

For just under a dollar, you can procure this contender in our roundup check your pulse at anytime of the day. According to the brains behind this endeavor, you’ll be able to use this interesting app when you wake up, after an exercise spell or even before that big meeting in office. Furthermore, there are no restrictions when it comes to the number of measurements you can take per day. It works by taking full advantage of the smartphone’s camera sensor. There’s even a filter function complete with measuring types maximum HR, resting HR and HR before/after Cardio thrown into the mix. All the results are neatly displayed across your screen in an easy-to-read graph form. Another great feature is the Reminder setting which allows you to take your readings on time. And just like the first option, this one also boasts of proffering a free version.

Price: $0.99

4 – Heart Rate ++ Free:

Option 4

This inclusion in our array has the ability to find out your pulse rate by using the camera sensor and LED light of your smartphone, and that to within a minimal span of just 15 seconds, as per the developer. Simply place your finger properly on the snapper lens and voila, you’ll be provided with an accurate reading minus any effort. It apparently employs a new algorithm that helps detect tiny changes in your blood flow. Now if you don’t have an LED light embedded into your device, simply make sure you stand behind a bright light while using the app. What’s more, the results are slapped onto a real-time graph that features sound for every beat. You can also save your digits and share them with loved ones through email, Facebook, Bluetooth or Dropbox.

Price: Free

5 – Quick Heart Rate Monitor:

Option 5

Checking your pulse has never been easier. And among the formidable lot of options is yet another user-friendly app that allows you to get real-time results. You won’t even have to bother connecting your handset to any external gadget or peripheral. A few attributes roped in here include result history management, automatic recognition functions and a reliable measuring outcome. You will also be able to put your friends and family at ease by sharing your results with them via Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free


All of the aforementioned programs will help you accurately measure your pulse. Whether you’re riding the bus or waiting at the airport departure lounge, you’ll still be able to check your ‘beats per minute’ by simply pulling out your portable smartphone, employing any of these delights and following the instructions provided onscreen. And if done correctly, you’ll be able to perceive a reading in no time.

This bit of technology is quite useful especially when you need to regularly keep track of your pulse or check your fitness levels every now and then. And after scanning through our list of best Android heart rate monitor apps, which ones have you decided to download onto your mobile? Well, don’t forget to leave your mentions in the space allotted just below.