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8 Best Android File Managers


The following best Android file managers give you complete control over all the folders present in your handset. Whether they’re situated in your smartphone itself or strewn across your SD card, you’ll be able to seamlessly handle all the data pieces. Now there’s plenty of software bits scattered around Google Play that are vying for your attention in this aspect. So in order to narrow it down for you, we’ve selected only the acme ones of the lot.

1 – ES File Explorer:

Image 01

Want to handle your mobile phone folders just like how you would normally do on your PC or laptop? Well, try this one on for size. You’ll be able to take complete advantage of various commands like cut/copy/paste, create, rename, share, hide, bookmark, multiple select, move, delete, search, send and create shortcut. Via this program, you can perform backups, categorize data and uninstall unwanted ones.

There’s also a remote feature thrown into the amalgamation that allows you to control all your handset folders through your computer. It further includes integrated ZIP and RAR support, viewers, root explorer and Bluetooth browser. You can even kill tasks by using a simple widget.

Price: Free

2 – Astro:

Image 02

It’s now time to shed light on an application that seems to be simply out of this world. Through this software, you can easily organize all your videos, photos and documents that are packed within your handset, PC or cloud services such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, Facebook Photo Albums and Google Drive.

It’s even endowed with a neat picture view that claims to outwit other standard galleries. Additionally, it lets you perform backups of your data as well as kills the processes that are draining your battery life.

Price: Free

3 – X-plore:

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Noted to be a dual-pane explorer, this interesting entrant has the ability to copy data and perform other common operations from one pane to another. It also boasts of a folder hierarchy that’s displayed in a clutter-free tree view. And no need to have a lost look during your stay here as the currently selected folders are highlighted so that they can be spotted easily.

The application further helps gain access to shared folders on PCs as well as different storage cloud servers like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and SugarSync. Some of the other actions you can conduct include copy, delete, extract, share, view, move, compress to zip and rename.

Price: Free

4 – Root Explorer:

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If you’re a root user, then this is one app you shouldn’t miss out on. Some of its attributes read as SQLite database viewer, multi-select, search, permissions, image thumbnails, change owner/group, text editor, extract rar archives, execute scripts, remount, ‘open with’ facility and bookmarks.

It even has the ability to create and extract zip or tar/gzip data as well as create shortcuts and symbolic links. There’s also a free version you can avail of in case the $4 price tag is a little too steep for you.

Price: $3.99

5 – Ghost Commander:

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This customizable, dual-panel delight makes organizing, moving and copying folders from different panels a complete breeze. And besides its standard functions, this gem also lets you create/extract ZIP archives and transfer data between FTP and SFTP servers and Windows network shares. Some of its features roped in here include multi-select, favorite folders and locations, thumbnails for pictures, calculation of folder size, folder search, integrated text and picture viewers, text editor, built-in FTP client and sorting by extension, name, date or size.

Price: Free

6 – AndroXplorer:

Image 06

The feature-rich application sports an intuitive user interface and comes complete with advanced multiple-views data browsing. You’ll also be able to find a ‘My Programs’ option that accommodates all apps into one single folder. This makes it easier to check its properties, perform backups and even uninstall unwanted ones. A few other attributes include quick search, multiple shortcuts, fast thumbnails view mode, multitasking with progress manager, natural themes, real time folder volume information and text editor. It further proffers tablet support with breadcrumbs and a collapsible dashboard. And by parting ways with just under $4, you can procure the Pro version which boasts of hoarding a few more features.

Price: Free

7 – File Manager:

Image 07

Our next inclusion comes dressed in a fresh UI and bears quite a few user-friendly functions. Here you’ll be bombarded with 3 groups of commercial icons fashioned for more than 80 data types, menu and toolbar items. It further supports compression and decompression as well as multiple selections and sorting. You’ll even be able to stream media from FTP, LAN and WebDAV. And like many other options listed out here, this one also provides cloud storage support for Google Drive, SugarSync, Dropbox and SkyDrive.

Price: Free

8 – File Expert:

Image 08

The final contender in our lineup enables you to seamlessly handle folders and data content stored on your smartphone, tablet, PC and cloud storage servers such as Google Drive, Box.net, SugarSync, Dropbox and SkyDrive. It even makes sharing specific folders with friends a much easier task.

The brains behind this endeavor has also infused useful tools such as web pc suite, network clients, theme manager, share my contents and one touch clean into the app. The program further provides a powerful text editor, thumbnails and an image viewer.

Price: Free


All of the aforesaid best Android file managers are your best bets when it comes to neatly organizing and handling your precious folders and data bits stored on your handset. They each stride forth with their own unique features and UIs, so scan through our roundup and pick up one that suits you best. What’s more, most of the options here are available absolutely free of cost. Don’t forget to punch in the names of your favorites in the comment box situated just below.