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The 5 Best Android Email Apps

Best Android Email Apps

We have listed the best Android email apps for business-oriented users and entrepreneurs who are constantly at office meetings or on the go, struggling to prioritize their deadlines and goals at a lightning-fast pace. With all this movement, users seem to get very little time to actually sit back and access their messages in peace. Making life a little bit easier are to select mobile phones and software solutions that enable users to breathe a little easier and check important messages while on the move.

1. K-9 Mail:

Option 1

Touted to be the finest client for Google’s OS by the company, this first contender by K-9 Dog Walkers is looked upon as an open-source client. The offering is jam-packed with features such as flagging, signatures, PGP, search, multi-folder sync, filing and mail on SD among others.

It is noted to be a community-developed project that has the ability to support POP3, IMAP and Exchange 2003/2007 with WebDAV. If ‘K9s’ are known to be man’s best friend, then this contender could just turn out to be a device owner’s pal. To nestle down within your mobile phone, the tool requires version 1.5 of the OS and higher. This can be procured and enjoyed without squandering away any money on it since it’s free.

2. Hot Email:

Option 2

Do you find all those formal, important messages from your boss just ‘too hot to handle’? Well, we have just the thing for you. Surfers will be familiar with Hotmail which can normally be accessed through a PC or Mac. Now this ‘lite’ variant for mobile allows owners to read and reply to messages while traveling or even during a candlelight dinner and the many more scenarios that you can picture. Through the useful tool that can be downloaded for free, you can gain access to the related mobile website fashioned exclusively by Redmond giant, Microsoft itself. Besides business people, casual users can also log into their accounts through this free software, via handheld devices. To accommodate the current version 1.3.1 that amounts to 21KB, version 1.6 of the OS is needed on the mobile phone in question.

3. Enhanced Email:

Option 3

Next in our bag of Android email apps is this contender which has various fun elements packed into one neat bundle. The fully-featured, yet lightweight offering brings support for many Exchange/POP/IMAP accounts. It has the ability to seamlessly merge the existing native contacts and calendar tools. Other important features include complete search including message text, request read receipt from the handset, pinch to zoom while viewing messages, auto-bcc and unread message widgets. Through the volume controls, owners can easily increase and decrease the font size for a clearer view of messages. Attachments can be saved on the SD card as well.

4. Gmail:

Option 4

This utility from Google enables owners to perform various functions such as sync, integration, conversations, search, push and much more. With this software sitting cozily in your phone, messages can be pushed automatically to your device without expecting any hassles. You will be able to access synced messages while offline as well and view messages neatly by conversation.

Even the task of juggling and managing many accounts at once becomes a breeze. Other attributes you can expect include labels, stars and much more. The 2.1MB utility requires version 2.2 to 2.3.3 of the OS and can be acquired absolutely free from the Google Play store.

5. MailDroid:

Option 5

The final option in our list of Android email apps has a creepy-looking spider for a logo. But as history has proven, looks can be deceiving. This one is noted to be an ad-supported Webdav/POP3/IMAP Idle Push mail client which is not based on the stock client. Claimed to be fashioned from scratch, this software boasts of crawling into your handset with many notable features dragged along in its web.

Some attributes to take advantage of include the ability to save and download attachments to an SD card and settings support for font size, LED color, ring tone and signature. Custom rules, search, spell check, Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 and password protection elements further make it a useful add-on to the device. The 2.3MB file can be downloaded for free.

Whether it’s replying to an urgent message from the CEO, checking for a particular message in your inbox, or simply jotting down some points to forward to your colleagues at a later time, the said Android email apps would surely aid the endeavor.