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7 Best Android Education Apps

Best Android Education Apps

The best Android education apps make learning a fun experience. They bring knowledge bits directly to your Android-powered smartphone or tablet and portray them in an exciting manner. The various software options we’ve included in our comprehensive list cover different categories and subjects. You can travel across the globe learning about continents, capitals and flags or even practice and learn Algebra through step-by-step solutions. A few mind-boggling quizzes are also thrown into the amalgamation to test your knowledge and teach you a thing or two.

1 – MapMaster:


The MapMaster app takes you globetrotting and challenges you to identify capitals and well-known places strewn across countries. This geography game features 8 challenges that come complete with 3 levels and offline maps with 4 zoom levels. There are also flag icons provided for each country and US state. To gather more information and insight about a particular region or place, you can always turn to the Wikipedia option that’s integrated into the app.

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What’s more, once you’ve mastered all the nations, you can compete against loved ones to see who emerges as the ‘geography great.’ Up to 10 players can be accommodated on a single device.

2 – Flashcards Maker Pro:

Flashcards Maker Pro

Flashcards have proven to be quite useful, especially in the academic field. They are utilized as memorization tools and have been employed in private study and classroom drills for years. This same concept is now given a technological twist and ported onto the portable scene dubbed as the Flashcards Maker Pro application. It forays into our array with advanced gesturing and text-to-speech capabilities, so that you can enjoy a fully interactive brain-building experience.

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The app can be used in a number of ways and for different purposes. Some of them include learning a new language like Italian, French, German and Spanish, teaching students how to read or even preparing for an upcoming presentation. You can create your own flashcards so that you get the most out of these multi-sensory training techniques.

3 – Quipper Quiz:

Quipper Quiz

‘Since when was ignorance cool?’ quips the developer of the Quipper Quiz app. With this software option embedded into your device, you can test your knowledge on news and current affairs as well as learn a new language. There are more than 1,000 quizzes that are updated on a regularly basis and cover various degrees of difficulty. As an added incentive, high scorers will be awarded with silver and gold cups for their efforts.

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The intuitive learning method even enables you to retake your mistakes. You can fathom just how you’ve improved over time by tracking your in-app progress. Catch a glimpse of how others have fared or even share questions on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

4 – Algebra Tutor:

Algebra Tutor

Have fractions always left you flustered? Do equations seem like Greek to you? Well, no need to score low just because you dosed off during a boring class. We have included the Algebra Tutor app into our lineup so that you can learn all about these quirky numbers while on the go. There are 35 practice concepts that are infused within the application. These include fraction subtraction, addition, division and multiplication, one step and two step linear equations using integers, least common multiple, naming polynomials by degree and finding prime numbers, among others. No longer will decimals leave you dumbfounded or prime numbers get you perplexed.

5 – SkySafari:


By exploiting the SkySafari app, you will be able to ride across the heavens without having to leave the comfort of your seat. It will enthrall you by splashing 120,000 stars across the screen of your Android-powered gadget as well as loads of star clusters, galaxies, nebulae, asteroids and comets. All the major planets and moons captured through the NASA spacecraft imagery are also vividly displayed.

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You can further take advantage of encyclopedic descriptions on constellations, planets and stars as well as loads of beautiful pictures. Ever wondered where Orion and Sirius are located? Simply point your device to the open sky and the app will accurately show you the respective positions of both these heavenly bodies and more.

6 – Science Challenge:

Science Challenge

From math mania and the spectacular sky, we now move on to science. The Science Challenge application brings another quiz delight to our roster. Catering to knowledge seekers of all ages, it endows the tablet or handset with a multi-choice science quiz based on various topics that include Chemistry, Zoology, Inventions, Physics, Biology, Earth and Space. A mixed bag of challenges can also be procured through the Mixed Test mode. See how you fare by viewing your progress via a beautiful bar chart which clearly points out your weak areas. This seems to be a great choice for students, teachers, parents or just about anybody else who likes to dabble in science.

7 – 50 Languages:

50 Languages

In the aforementioned entries, we have covered topics like geography, science, math and astronomy. It’s now time to indulge in some linguistic fun with the 50 Languages app. Thanks to this software, you can aptly reply to individuals from all over the globe when they greet you with Ola, Salam, Salute, Allo and Jambo. Comprising of 30 lessons, you will be tutored on how to engage in small talk as well as address real-world situations in different languages. Packed with a combination of both audio and text, the application is available in more than 40 languages and provides nearly 1600 language combinations. So the next time someone walks up to you and asks, ‘Bonjour, comment allez-vous?’, you can respond by saying, ‘Ca va bien’ with utmost confidence.

So which of the best Android education apps left you a little wiser? And if you have any favorite applications that proved to be your pools of knowledge, do let us know about them.