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8 Best Android eBook Reader Apps

Best Android eBook Reader Apps

A list of the best Android eBook reader apps has been quickly scribbled down to help you to select the right reading application for your device. While some phones come with pre-installed eBook readers, they may not be as good as some of their other counterparts. The following compilation should give you a fair idea about your alternatives, as we have even added a detailed synopsis for each of them. Read through it, choose the one that fits the bill and hit the source link to install it.

1 – Kindle for Android:

Kindle For Android

Considering that there’s a dedicated eBook reader that goes by the same name, we have good reason to choose Kindle as the preferred application. To say that this app lets you access over a million books through your handheld Android device, isn’t an overstatement at all. It doubles up as a magazine and newspaper reader and lets you browse through the Kindle Store.

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It also stocks up on popular magazines and classics, some of which can be downloaded free of charge. Its other features include built-in dictionary, Google Search, Wikipedia and synchronization across various devices.

Price: Free

2 – Aldiko Book Reader:

Aldiko Book Reader

Very much along the lines of Kindle, Aldiko Book Reader which finds itself on our lineup, goes a step ahead. It offers its services in multiple languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese and Portuguese amongst others. Extending support to PDF and ePub formats, it even allows you to read Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks or those from public libraries.

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The intuitive application can be customized totally in terms of font size, font type, background colors, line spacing, alignment and brightness. And as the reader comes with an in-app store, you will not have to go around looking for books anywhere else.

Price: Free

3 – Nook for Android:

Nook For Android

Barnes & Noble has proved itself in the eReading market without any doubt; and it doesn’t fail to live up to Android users’ expectations either. With a catalog that comprises over 2.5 million books including New York Times bestsellers and new releases, you are likely to find all that you wish to read.

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It doesn’t lack magazines and newspapers subscriptions, nor does it miss out on Nook Comics and graphic novels, all of which can be accessed on your Android device. Additionally, lending books to friends is possible through LendMe. And you can even load your ePub books on the application to read them on the move.

Price: Free

4 – Kobo eBooks:

Kobo eBooks

The developers of this application claim that reading eBooks on Android tablets and smartphones could not get any easier. Whether reading new releases or popular classics, the app offers all this and a lot more. There aren’t many tools in the Google Play Store that reward you for using them, and Kobo forms a part of that small community.

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It also features Kobo Pulse that lets you share your reading experiences with like-minded people. And the software’s Facebook integration allows you to share interesting quotes, notes, books and more with friends. You can either purchase books from the Kobo Store or import them via email, the web or even from Dropbox.

Price: Free

5 – Moon+ Reader:

Moon Plus Reader

Taking our lineup further is Moon+ Reader, an application that boasts of rich features and powerful controls. It supports eBooks from online libraries or those saved on your device as well as files in formats like html, txt, umd, chm and more.

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Besides built-in themes and customized options, it comes with auto-scroll modes and also understands certain gesture commands. And if that’s not enough, this eReader has been localized in as many as 38 languages.

Price: Free

6 – Wattpad:


If along with reading books and stories, you even wish to connect with fellow readers and give your valuable feedback to your favorite authors, you should consider downloading Wattpad on your android device. It apparently has the world’s largest community of readers and writers and is probably the apt place to discover new stories.

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It tags along a database of over 3 million stories of various genres as well as features like auto scroll, offline reading and night mode amongst others.

Price: Free

7 – FBReader:


Qualities such as fast performance, customizable options and multiple format support are offered by the next application listed on our queue. In addition to 14 different languages, it extends support to TrueType and OpenType formats and even others such as ePub, rtf, fb2(.zip), plain text and more.

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This customizable software has been included with a browser for access to eBook stores and even opens books which are downloaded manually on the device.

Price: Free

8 – Cool Reader:

Cool Reader

Yet another application that you can choose is Cool Reader, also designed to support multiple formats. These include ePub, txt, doc, html, fb2, chm, pml and many more. Complete with animations to enhance the eReading experience on handheld devices, you can expect features like a built-in file browser, text-to-speech and hyphenation dictionaries amongst others. And similar to most other apps mentioned above, it has been included with basic attributes like brightness adjustment, auto scroll, background textures and even day and night profiles.

Price: Free


So if you are one of those who can’t do without their daily dose of books no matter what, then our aforementioned array of the best Android eBook reader apps should come to your rescue. Do you plan to try any of these applications? Let us know your views about them through the comments section below. And if you have any suggestion, feel free to drop that in as well.

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