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7 Best Android Drawing Apps

Best Android Drawing Apps

The best Android drawing apps listed in our lineup should cater to both die-hard enthusiasts as well as beginners taking their first steps into the digital art scenario. The choices mentioned below not only tag along interesting attributes but also come with neat user interfaces to enhance your productivity and make things easier and more fun. The array will also give you more reasons than one to wake up the artist sleeping within you and head out on a creative ride. So run through the selected delights and take a look at what they have to offer.

1. Fresco Lite

Fresco Lite

If you harbor dreams of becoming Picasso of the digital age then you may want to begin by trying your hand at the Fresco Lite application for your Android device. This is one offering that is complete with layers and filters amongst others. Besides sporting an intuitive UI, it comes with filter options such as blur, sharpen and emboss. The application further allows you to make adjustments to the colors as per your desire. You can play around with the opacity, merging, duplicating and mirroring the layers while letting your creative side take charge. You could also opt for the paid variant- Fresco Pro and enjoy additional attributes. The Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox integration enables you to share your work with your kith and kin.

Price: Free

2. Canvas Pro

Canvas Pro

When considering your options to pick out the best Android drawing apps around, you may want to take a peek at the Canvas Pro. This is another offering that gives you the liberty to work in layers and even utilize lasso selection along with other features that the app brings along. Your arsenal includes smudge, dodge and burn tools as well as custom brushes to artistically attack your images and beautify them. You can churn out your own creations or simply import photographs to edit them. The offering extends support to multi-touch, making zooming and panning a much easier task. Canvas Pro is currently available for download on Google Play.

Price: $2.99

3. SketchBook Pro

SketchBook Pro

The SketchBook Pro application churned out by Autodesk has been optimized for Honeycomb tablet devices. It arrives with the claim of employing the same paint engine as that of its desktop counterparts. Professional illustrators armed with Android slates probably indulge in this application more often than not. The toolset in place may entice you to dabble in sketching whenever you have some free time on your hands.

YouTube video

Additionally, its streamlined user interface that many maybe familiar with, is a great addition to the overall app. Chances are, your tablet might be seen taking on the role of a digital sketchbook that may keep you occupied for hours on end.

Price: $4.99

4. Doodledroid


The next candidate in our Android drawing apps lineup is the Doodledroid offering. If you thought the former options are best left for the pros then this application may probably grab your attention. It hops onto your device with an intuitive and interesting drawing program of sorts. So you can simply get as creative as you want by indulging in pressure sensitive brushes, panning, smudge, undo/redo as well as zooming tools and more to come up with your own masterpiece. Needless to say, importing and sharing images is possible on this software which has been optimized for the ICS OS as well.

Price: $0.99

5. Draw Something

Draw Something

Drawing is a fun activity in itself and it becomes more exciting when you have friends onboard. Here’s where Draw Something comes into the picture. It’s noted to be a social game that requires you to put your creative foot forward. In this turn-based game, you are given a word which has to be drawn out and then sent to your friend. Your pal at the other end gets 5 free hints to guess just what you’ve drawn.

YouTube video

The person can then send you a doodle for you take a guess. Additionally, there are color packs in place so that you don’t compromise on the creative aspect. If you like the sound of this addictive title, you can move to Google Play and get hold of the offering absolutely free of charge.

Price: Free

6. How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons

How To Draw

Okay, so you weren’t really a Leonardo da Vinci back in high school. But are you someone who’s always considered learning to draw but never came around to doing so? If yes, then why not simply turn to some of the Android drawing apps in our roster to teach you a few tricks? We think the How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons software fits the bill here and will surely aid you in your endeavor. The app takes to teaching you about 70 drawings including cars, animals and cartoons as well as fairy tale characters.

YouTube video

The step-by-step learning method takes you from single strokes to a full-fledged image created just by you. Needless to say, you will need to keep a paper and pencil handy to begin learning. And yes, it does cater to enthusiasts of all ages and can be installed for no cost at all.

Price: Free

7. Picasso – Draw, Paint, Doodle!


The name of our next entrant may compel you to think otherwise but we’d tell you that the Picasso – Draw, Paint, Doodle is a fine selection for beginners to indulge in. You can paint, doodle or draw on this application by using its embedded tools at your disposal. You can embellish photographs with hearts, comments or paint backgrounds and even do a lot more. There is a Brush Preview mode for previewing the effects before applying them. It also gives you the option of loading your photograph from the gallery and sharing your creations with family and friends.

Price: Free

With these Android drawing apps, you can have fun while doing what you do best- unleashing your creativity. So leave back a comment to tell us which ones will be permanently residing in your Android-powered device.

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