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7 Best Android Compass Apps

Let the best Android compass apps help guide you to your desired destination especially when treading on unfamiliar territory. This navigational marvel has indeed come a long way since its humble inception during the Chinese Han Dynasty. The compass now sports a virtual twist and can be found smiling back at you from your Android-powered smartphone or tablet at your hour of need.

Best Android Compass Apps

We have jotted down some of the top geographic directional tools that would get you out of tight spots.

1 – Super Compass

Super Compass

From the concrete jungle to the vast expanses of the Savannah, the Super Compass app has the potential to accurately direct you to your intended location. Staying quite true to its title, the software provides adventure enthusiasts with a dedicated compass app as well as a handy home-screen widget. You are also spoiled for choice with a plethora of styles and backgrounds so that you’ll be able to view a different compass appearance and backdrop whenever you get bored of the current one. It further portrays true north or magnetic north as well as connectivity status, GPS location, status, and address while on the go. This app may even come in quite handy if you’re a Feng shui follower and need to refer to the four cardinal directions.

2 – Smart Compass Pro

Smart Compass Pro

The next app that features in our best Android compass apps lineup sports a nifty little camera view. Instead of just laying out the compass in the traditional style, the Smart Compass employs the camera’s view for providing a realistic feel. Irrespective of whether you hold the Android-powered gadget in portrait or landscape mode, the heading will always remain affixed.

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As the developer reveals, the compass app also includes a metal detector to verify the integrated magnetic sensors. Some of the other attributes read as sensor speed controller, various coordinate types and ability to send GPS data to loved ones through email or SMS.

3 – Compass Pro

Compass Pro

Noted to be a simple yet powerful tool, the Compass Pro application incorporates a rotating bezel and shows the direction of the four compass points as well as degrees in the ‘side window.’ To avail of the latter, all you need to do is point the red lubber line at the path you want to take and hold your device flat in front of you. Now as you proceed, make sure that the same number remains in your window. If the digits change, you’ll know that you’re heading in the wrong direction. In that case, simply twirl around until you see the number appear in the bar once again. You can even navigate with the help of the bezel which eliminates the need to remember the numeric figures. Endowed with a professional design, the software also provides smooth movements and audio effects.

4 – Compass and Level

Compass and Level

Looking for a simple compass and level app across Google Play? Well, we have just the application for you in our best Android compass apps roster. The Compass and Level software option filters out all complicated features and leaves you with only the bare essentials, which are enough to see you through your directional dilemmas. This stylish inclusion boasts of incorporating a high-definition interface, interactive animations, and a convenient operation system. Furthermore, there is a trio of buttons situated on the lower end of the screen that read as Calibrate, Hold and Restart. The Compass and the Level tool can be an outdoorsman’s greatest companion especially when it comes to activities like hiking, sailing, flying or camping.

5 – Compass


Here’s an application that’s plainly christened Compass. However, don’t be fooled by its simple title as it comes packed with a host of interesting features. You can expect to ‘steer in the right direction’ by viewing location display and geo-tagged notes. Important places such as restaurants, stores, and houses as well as your workplace, school or campus can be saved so that you can find your way back whenever you want via Google Navigation.

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There are four basic compass types to avail of namely, Vintage, Digital, GPS, and NightVision. Embark on a new adventure in style with premium compass themes like Space Cowboy, Special Ops, Sea Navigator and Urban Hiker. These delights can be acquired through in-app purchases.

6 – 3D Compass Pro

3D Compass Pro

With the 3D Compass Pro app sitting on your smartphone, you can safely leave your old compass and paper maps at home the next time you venture out. The makers have neatly accommodated an augmented reality view, auto rotate map and real-time location information into the mix. You can even take screenshots complete with Exif time and location tags etched on them. These snaps can then be sent across to friends and family. This entrant in our best Android compass apps array also comprises of large headings and degrees, current address and support for the front-facing camera.

7 – Night Compass Pro

Night Compass Pro

Treading across the terrain at night just became a bit easier. Generally, avid travelers would look to the stars in order to safely find their way around when darkness falls. But for the rest, who are caught in such a situation without any particular knowledge of the celestial bodies, can refer to the Night Compass Pro app. A simple circular compass with an arrow placed squarely in the middle of it is displayed clearly onscreen. This amalgamation is further set upon a backdrop that’s littered with a blanket of tiny stars. The app allows you to put your own spin on things which means, you can individually alter the compass and star colors to suit your taste. And if you decide to set up camp for the night, you can still rely on the same software at dawn as it works like a charm even during the daytime.

So if you find yourself lost in the middle of the desert or forest, which of the best Android compass apps would you rely on to get you back to civilization? Do let us know by dropping a comment in the box below.