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6 Best Android Call Blockers

The best Android call blockers featured right here save you from being plagued by unwanted contacts. Keeping all those annoying calls at bay are exactly what these innovative applications are all about. The following software apps are looked upon as apt solutions for tackling incoming rings from companies and numbers that you simply don’t want to answer. No longer will you have to put up with irritating individuals who simply want to see the veins in your forehead pulsate with anger.

Best Android Call Blockers

1 – Call Control:

Call Control

Up first on our list is a community-powered application that’s dubbed Call Control. In its endeavor to fight against spam calls, it automatically blocks numbers present in the FCC Do Not Call registry. You’ll be able to cease all unwelcomed calls as well as SMS messages by tweaking its security and privacy settings. This handy software already comes packed with a Community Blacklist which saves you the painstaking task of inserting bunches of spam numbers used by offenders everywhere.

You can further add any area code or specific digits you wish to block. There are also features like personal white list and contacts protection that are present so that you don’t miss important calls while carefully avoiding the scum.

Price: Free

2 – Extreme Call Blocker (Stealth):

Extreme Call Blocker Stealth

Extreme Call Blocker helps keep out all unwanted calls, SMS and MMS messages, and even enters the scene proffering a stealth mode which hides the app icon on your handset’s list. It further provides backup and restore, to and from the SD card or Dropbox cloud service. What’s more, you have the option of automatically deleting all blocked calls in your smartphone call log.

In order to block a call without perhaps being a bit rude, you can easily mute the ring, send a voice mail or answer and hang up. You’ll also be able to block outgoing calls and take advantage of blocking profiles and contact groups. And similar to the aforementioned entrant in our Android call blockers, this one too lets you create a white list.

Price: $5.99

3 – Mr. Number Text, Call & Block:

Mr. Number

The developer of Mr. Number Text, Call & Block is attached with the tagline, ‘fast, free texting with your friends. Screen everyone else.’ Through this software gem, you’ll be able to shun out calls or messages from particular people or certain area codes by either hanging up or sending a voicemail. When you add ‘Suspected Spam’ to your block list, the application will automatically block them.

And the next time you get a spam call or text, you can easily browse through comments sent in by fellow users to see just what their experiences were with the number. Besides just acting as a blocker, Mr. Number also doubles as a free messaging app that allows you to communicate with loved ones from around the world, provided they are Mr. Number members.

Price: Free

4 – Call Blocker By NQ Mobile:

Call Blocker By NQ Mobile

Adding to the freebies that are present in our call blocker for Android phones roster is NQ Mobile’s brainchild, Call Blocker. It enables you to keep out all unsolicited calls and spam SMS messages as well as erase call history and SMS messages from a single contact, hence protecting all your private data. And if that’s not reason enough to download the app, well, you’ll also be glad to know that it offers the ability to backup contacts to a server and even transfer information to a new handset. It further supports a whole host of languages like Portugal, German, Spanish, Chinese, French and English.

Price: Free

5 – Call Blocker X – Advance:

Call Blocker X Advance

The Call Blocker X – Advance Pro lets you block numbers by time, location, groups, selection and unknown calls. You can also set auto-SMS responder as well as different ringtones for groups. And as the maker states, the app doesn’t put too much burden on the device’s battery as well. Apart from the free version, there’s also a Pro edition that can be availed of by shelling out just under $5.

Price: Free

6 – Call Blocker Plus, Your’s Free:

Call Blocker Plus

This inclusion in our Android call blockers lineup is a great call silencer that bars annoying numbers. In fact, you’ll be blessed with the ability to choose only selected individuals who can reach you anytime, anywhere. This option comes in handy especially when you’re at an important meeting and would only like to receive calls from your spouse, parents, kids or close friend. You don’t even need to be an Einstein to toggle around with the settings. And as the name aptly suggests, the Call Blocker Plus, Your’s Free can be procured without spending even a penny.

Price: Free


Here’s your ticket to blocking all those annoying calls from unwanted individuals. You can now live a stress-free life minus any headaches or nuisances from sales companies or people who just manage to get on your wrong side. Have any more good apps you would like to add to our comprehensive list of the best Android call blockers? Do let us know by leaving your suggestions in the comment box situated just below.

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