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7 Best Android Calculator Apps

Best Android Calculator Apps

The best Android calculator apps can do a lot more than just add, subtract, multiply and divide. They are fashioned to perform complex calculations without taxing the human brain too much. All you need is an Android-powered phone or tablet and any of the options we’ve selected in our list. The 7 applications will surely cater to those individuals who are required to crunch numbers on a daily basis. Besides pleasing professionals from different fields, there are even a few choices that come in handy for dabbling in everyday calculations.

1 – RealCalc Scientific Calculator:

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

The RealCalc Scientific Calculator app is touted to operate like the real thing. Packed with loads of interesting features, it has been programmed to tackle fractions, unit conversions and anything else owners wish to throw at it. Some of its attributes include traditional algebraic or RPN operation, physical constants table, percentages, binary, octal, and hexadecimal.

You can also perceive trigonomic functions in radians, degrees or grads as well as configurable digit grouping and decimal point. Complete with an integrated help option, result history and 10 memories, it offers a trio of display mode settings namely, engineering, scientific and fixed-point. All your calculations can now be smoothly executed while holding your device in the landscape mode.

2 – Office Calculator Pro:

Office Calculator Pro

Jumping next in our roster of Android calculator apps is the Office Calculator Pro. As the developer suggests, it is optimized to efficiently carry out any office task that involves numbers and then some. This fixed/floating point arithmetic calculator enables you to easily toggle between tape view, which displays up to 500 lines and calculator view. It further supports 3 rounding modes namely, down, up and 5/4. You can even conduct percent calculations that definitely come in handy while calculating tax amounts.

3 – Discount Calculator:

Discount Calculator

If you’re out window shopping and see a sale sign hanging on the mannequin peering at you, the first thing that pops into your mind is ‘how much will I save?’ Well, you can rush into the store armed with just your android-powered handset or tablet and the Discount Calculator app to get your answer. Just as the name suggests, it will churn out the discounted price after taking into consideration the percentage punched in by the shopper.

The discount value can be set by either dragging the seekbar or tapping the +1%, -1%, +10% and -10% buttons. You are also given the option of checking the ‘Included Tax’ box and inserting the corresponding percentage number. Furthermore, it supports various languages like English, Chinese, Swedish, Korean, French, Japanese, Dutch and Spanish.

4 – Shake Calc – Calculator:

Shake Calc – Calculator

Like the RealCalc Scientific Calculator app, the Shake Calc – Calculator is also looked upon as a fully featured scientific calculator. But this particular one enters our Android calculator apps roster bearing an interesting twist. To calculate, all you have to do is give your phone a little shake. Addressing both everyday as well as complex calculations, it portrays large buttons so that you don’t hit unwanted numbers when conducting quick calculations. While a basic view is proffered for the former, you can easily switch to the latter format with a simple swipe of the thumb. With full support for percentage, it even includes a predefined list of commonly used mathematical, chemical and physical constants.

5 – Tip Me:

Tip Me

We all know what follows the words, ‘Check please,’ especially while dining with friends at an expensive restaurant. With the Tip Me app, you need not manually divide the final amount. Just insert the numbers and let the software take care of the rest. It calculates in real time, allows you to adjust individual amounts and even provides a coupon feature for extracting the tip from the original amount. And as you may have already concurred, the software can also be used to determine the tip that must be left behind after eating a hearty meal. You can even calculate pre and post tax as well as specify your custom tip percentage. If you wish to reset the app, just give your Android-powered gadget a little shake.

6 – Construction Master Pro:

Construction Master Pro

The Construction Master Pro offering is the software version of the professional construction math calculator that bears the same name. Like its physical counterpart, this application also strides into the scenario sporting similar functions and features. As the makers suggest, it includes the same core engine as well for achieving the same results minus any extra bulk. This entrant in our Android calculator apps is blessed with two applications in one namely the CM Pro and the CM Pro Trig. Professionals in the construction business will surely appreciate this app and even exploit all its attributes whether they are at the office or on site.

7 – Personal Finance:

Personal Finance

The final software option namely Personal Finance graces our lineup with a host of noteworthy features. It is infused with technical charts, stock option chain, currency portfolio, news, an expense manager and commodity futures as well as portfolio, stock, commodity and currency widgets. You can seamlessly track your portfolio with cost and shares as well as acquire the market overview with funds, indexes, ETF and more. Coming back to the calculator aspect of the application, it enables you to indulge in some number crunching via the compound interest calculator, loan calculator, retirement/401k calculator and tip calculator. It even has the ability to convert currencies.

Porting around any one of the options featured in our best Android calculator apps array will certainly eliminate the need to carry an extra peripheral just for solving various mathematical related problems. Do let us know which calculators added a smile on your face and which ones subtracted the worry lines off your brow.