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7 Best Android Budget Apps To Keep Track of Your Expenses

Best Android budget apps for the money conscious

You need one of these best Android budget apps if you have been looking for something that could help you keep a track of your expenses. Thanks to the applications, all the details are saved on your phone in an organized manner so you can go back and take a look at them as and when you want. Most of the best alternatives mentioned below can even double up as checkbook registers and you can rely on them to remind you about your unpaid bills, their due dates and much more. And as you fill in details about your income as well, it becomes all the more easy for you to plan your expenditure. So if you think you could do with a utility that takes care of your money matters, you have landed at the right place. Read on for more information regarding programs that are in this category.

1 – MoneyWise:

According to the developers of MoneyWise, the application is an electronic checkbook that manages your cash flow for you. After you have punched in details about all your expenses, you can go back and search for them by date, category or account. And to make it simpler for you to understand, the utility makes graphical representations of your finances and helps you keep tabs on your targets.


It boasts of supporting almost all currencies of the world and its user-friendly interface and customizable features are like the cherries on top of the cake.

Price: Free

2 – EasyMoney – Expense Manager:

Next addition to our list of best Android budget apps is not only an expense manager but also a checkbook register and a budget planner that sends regular reminders for bill payments. EasyMoney addresses your daily money management needs and you can use it for tracking any type of expenditure including personal, travel or business related.


This application in our lineup gives you regular reports and graphs so you can analyze the cash flow and warns you in case you are about to exceed your budget limits. It also features a widget which lets you punch in details right from the home screen to make it simple for you to track daily expenses.

Price: Free

3 – Toshl Finance Budget & Expense:

Toshl Finance Budget & Expense gives you a much needed financial peace of mind as it lets you keep an eye on your bills, expenditures and personal budgets right from your smartphone. It facilitates quick and intuitive expense entries and you can set up recurring expenses for helping the app with the task of organizing your bills.

Toshl Finance

And what’s more, you can password protect the application to keep your monetary details limited to you and even export your reports in formats like CSV, PDF, Excel or Google Docs. Infographics give you a better idea of your finances and it acts as an efficient currency converter as well.

Price: Free

4 – iWallet:

Next on our roster of best Android budget apps is another utility that helps you with the tedious task of money management is iWallet which requires you to punch in your income and expenditure details. As it is difficult to remember each and every expense, the developers have added the option of recording them in the application.


You can maintain multiple assets and even choose to transfer your funds from one account to another right in this program. It allows you to customize it and create your own categories for your convenience. The software’s premium version is also available in the Play store.

Price: Free

5 – Mint.com Personal Finance:

Mint.com helps you manage all your expenses from a single place as it brings your personal finance accounts together. This option automatically categorizes transactions and takes help from charts and graphs to give you a better idea about your daily expenses. If you are using a tablet for managing expenditures, the utility stores information from your last download and makes it available offline.


And what’s more, you can also opt for emails or text messages for regular reminders about fees, bills, low balance or unusual activities in your accounts. It synchronizes with the official website so you can head over to the portal for tracking your finances and even for deactivating device access in case you lose your gadget and do not want anyone to look at the details. Needless to say, you can even password protect the application.

Price: Free

6 – My Budget Book:

Another app that deserves to be mentioned in our best Android budget apps roster is My Budget Book, an expense management program that helps you manage your money effectively. Just like all the other similar utilities, it offers a graphical overview of your finances to make it easier for you to plan your expenses.

My Budget Book

The application keeps a track of your daily expenses and tells you how many bills you have to pay in a particular month. Optimized for tablets, it is available in multiple languages and doesn’t require you to register on any website. You also do not need an internet connection to manage My Budget Book.

Price: $2.99

7 – Trackash – Expense Manager:

And finally, we have Trackash – Expense Manager, which is meant for users who are not interested in complicated applications with loads of features. This sleek 2-page program is referred to as the Twitter for expenses and it promises to not take a whole lot of your time.


You can categorize your expenditures by using hashtags and sort them by either day, month or year. Recurring expenses and income can be saved in the utility itself and it permits you to carry out location-based transactions too. And you can rest assured as all your personal financial details are locked into the app through a password.

Price: Free


So are you willing to let one of these best Android budget apps handle your daily expenses? Do let us know which of these you like. And in case you are already using a program that is equally efficient but hasn’t been mentioned on the list, feels free to let us know about it.