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7 Best Android Battery Apps

Best Android Battery Apps

The best Android battery apps are here to help you better manage your smartphone’s juice. Not having sufficient power while on outdoor escapades is like getting caught in a rainstorm without your umbrella or maybe worse. Having the ‘Low Battery’ indication flash right before your eyes isn’t a pretty sight, to say the least. To avoid a situation like this cropping up at all the wrong times, we have listed out some great options, which should aid you in utilizing every last drop of charge remaining in your handset.

1 – Battery Dr Saver:

Battery Dr Saver

The Battery Dr Saver + a task killer app is just what the doctor ordered. Besides saving power, it also helps you improve your battery life and kill tasks quickly for more effective results. It displays various forms of battery information like the temperature, usage and health statuses, among others. The Battery Time feature individually indicates the ‘remaining time’ for video, audio, talk time, Internet browsing and idle time so that you’re well aware of their respective statuses and not left in the lurch. Apart from killing running tasks, the software facilitates the enhancement of overall power by adjusting screen brightness and volume as well as switching off Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and Auto Sync. One download is all that’s written in the doctor’s prescription.

2 – Battery Monitor Widget:

Battery Monitor Widget

Landing next in our Android battery apps roster is the Battery Monitor Widget. It provides you with all the stats pertaining to your phone’s battery in the form of zoomable and scrollable graphics, alarms, history and notification icons. Noted to be a complete tool when it comes to managing the juice, it calculates the estimated battery aging and run-times as well as displays historical data and temperature. The app also has the ability to calibrate the battery and improve its run-time, so that you can exploit all the features of your device for a little while longer. The battery data and historical graphics can be accessed directly via the homescreen from their respective widgets. When the voltage and temperature limits reach their peak, an alarm is triggered to alert you on the same.

3 – JuiceDefender:


‘Reclaim your battery’ is the call to action suggested by JuiceDefender – Battery Saver. Just as its name reveals, this app forays across the scene with smart functions and user-friendly attributes, which should help you efficiently manage the battery consumption. The offering transparently and automatically deals with battery draining elements like Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity options.

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Further aiding you in your juice-saving endeavor are 5 preset profiles which enable you to retain those precious few hours of battery life, all with just one touch. Other features include homescreen battery widgets, battery consumption optimization, smart brightness control, Bluetooth control with automatic reconnect and comprehensive connectivity scheduling.

4 – Easy Battery Saver:

Easy Battery Saver

The Easy Battery Saver app intelligently manages screen brightness, network connectivity and screen time out, all in the name of saving the battery. Similar to the JuiceDefender app, this particular software also makes your task a little easier by unveiling 4 preset saving modes namely, general, super power and intelligent saving as well as an advanced customized mode. This entrant in our Android battery apps list enables you to procure a simple and interactive tutorial which enlightens you on how to charge your battery health-wise and how to deal with multi-tasking. According to the makers, you will be able to save over 50% battery with the app’s assistance.

5 – Battery Indicator Pro:

Battery Indicator Pro

With the Battery Indicator Pro app sitting pretty within the confines of your phone, you can expect to be fully aware of your battery’s condition as the exact levels of the same are clearly portrayed across the status bar. The notification area will also be graced with the voltage, health, temperature and time since plugged / unplugged. There are fully customizable icons drenched in red, black, green and amber. It has further been blessed with an alarm feature which will chime to indicate temperatures above X, charge below and above X, health failure and full charge. This seems to be a great companion for anyone who possesses either an Android-powered smartphone or tablet.

6 – 2x Battery:

2x Battery

Picture this: You’re riding the subway and chatting with your best friend over the phone, when suddenly you find the low battery indicator blinking across the screen. You still have a long way home and no power source in sight. What do you do? Well, in order to eliminate undergoing such as situation, we suggest you download the 2x Battery app.

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It apparently manages data connection in standby mode as well as includes an integrated screen filter for reducing the screen brightness. The software further indicates the current battery level, estimated empty battery time, used battery since unplugged, voltage, health status and temperature. With attributes like these, how can we not include the 2x Battery in our Android battery apps?

7 – Battery Solo Widget Pro:

Battery Solo Widget Pro

While the other options strewn across our array may seem a little hard to master at first, the Battery Solo Widget Pro comes in as a straight forward, easy-to-use app that displays the maximum information on the battery status.

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It shows real-time data for temperature, voltage, current and level complete with configurable trigger levels and colors. Another major plus point infused within this app is the inclusion of large numbers and dial, which allows you to clearly fathom the battery levels with just a quick glance.

With any of these best Android battery apps packed into your smartphone, you needn’t worry about battery drain taking you by surprise the next time you’re out. You would also no longer have to run around like a headless chicken in search of your charger when the ‘Low Battery’ indication flashes across your handset screen. Do give us your feedback and let us know what you thought of our roster and if we’ve missed out on any of your favorite ones.