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6 Best 4K TVs in India under 60000

Awesome 4K Ultra HD TVs in India under Rs 6000

Best 4K TVs
We’re back with a new list consisting of the best 4K TVs in India under Rs 60000. The trend of FHD television sets is now over, and more and more people want to dabble themselves in Ultra HD visuals in order to grab the amazing experience they offer.

When 4K TVs first descended onto the scene, these products used to carry incredibly high price tags. However, that has changed now that they are more widely available and are being sold by more companies than before. A number of local firms have also started offering 4K TVs in India.

Ultra HD television screens feature four times more pixel density counts than those of 1080p full HD ones. Moreover, most of the 4K TVs come with support for Internet, which makes them smart TVs. In this day and age, having such screens in the living room is a indeed very useful.

In this list today, we have brought together some value for money 4K TV sets which can be bought in the Indian market right now. Without wasting any more time on introductions then, let us jump straight into the compilation.

LG 43UF690T (43-inch) 4K TV

LG 43UF690T
Available at prices just below the Rs 60000 mark, this offering from LG claims to tender excellent color accuracy in addition to wide viewing angles. It comes pre-installed with the company’s very own webOS 2.0 software which offers several interesting apps that buyers can take advantage of.

In order to control its interface, LG has granted a scroll wheel to this TV’s remote control as well, aside from voice command support of course. Like most other 4K TV sets out there, this extremely thin 3840 x 2160 pixel screen too comes with an upscaler which automatically converts normal broadcasts into 4K ones. It is even capable of recording TV shows on its own.

Micromax 50K2330UHD (49-inch) 4K TV

Micromax 4K TV
Equipped with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, this screen possesses a viewing angle of 178 degrees, which is excellent for those with large rooms. It comes with a golden metal frame on its sides, which gives it a premium appeal and enhances its sleek looks furthermore.

Available on e-commerce portals at prices hovering around Rs 45000, it boasts of being just 1.28cm slim. It also sports a dual core CPU and a quad core GPU for computing all the heavy tasks you throw at it. Its unique remote control grabs a voice command capability, and can even turn into a gaming controller for playing its pre-installed games. Aside from 3 USB ports and 2 HDMI ports, it kicks in a LAN port that can be used to create a Wi-Fi hotspot for any nearby device.

Vu LEDN50K310X3D (50-inch) 4K TV

Vu 4K TV
Vu offers a pretty large 50-inch 4K TV at around Rs 50000. We’re looking at a feature-packed television set with a display panel that has passed the A+ Grade test. Vu claims to be the only company in India to offer such a screen, and reveals that it grants more details to the visuals by eliminating ambient light reflection.

Its TV remote may not support voice commands but it does come with dedicated buttons for Netflix and YouTube. There’s a 1:1 pixel mapping processor onboard this TV set which enables you to connect any gadget with it and have the screen resolution automatically match that of the gadget.

Lloyd L40UJR (40-inch) 4K TV

Lloyd L40UJR
If you wish to go for a smaller screen than the previously featured offerings, you can most definitely consider buying this 40 incher. The L40UJR from Lloyd can be yours at around Rs 41000, which is a great price for a 4K TV with a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution screen.

It features a Sleep Timer so that you won’t have to worry about switching the TV off just in case you doze off during your weekend binge-watching sessions. Some of its other important features include a 3D Digital Comb Filter, multi-language support and more.

Videocon VMF50QX0zSAH (50-inch) 4K TV

Videocon VMF50QX0zSAH
We’ve got one more fifty incher for you in this list in the form of the Videocon VMF50QX0zSAH model. This Ultra HD TV can be yours at around Rs 47000, and is extremely slim in its profile. Its nScreen technology allows you to connect your Android or iOS devices to it in order to turn them into remote controls.

Moreover, nScreen also allows you to share photos, videos and more from your phones to your TV, as long as both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Out of its 3 USB ports, one supports the USB 3.0 standard, thus enabling lightening fast transfer speeds. This TV has got built-in Wi-Fi and MHL support onboard as well.

Noble 42KT424KSMN01 (42-inch) 4K TV

Noble 42KT424KSMN01
This last entry to our new list comes from California-based firm Noble Technologies. Their advanced 42-inch Ultra HD television set comes fully equipped with Android, thus enhancing its overall appeal. It is powered by 2GB worth of RAM and a quad core processor, moreover.

Noble has also equipped its Ultra HD offering with smart power saving traits. One of them is Eco Smart which automatically shuts off the TV if it’s not being viewed by anyone. This product even comes with the option of customizing its backlight in order to suit the viewing conditions. Its connectivity features include 3 USB ports and an equal number of HDMI ports. It can be bought right now at a price as low as Rs 31990, which is incredible.