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6 Best 2D MMORPG


The best 2D MMORPG titles featured here all boast of housing wonderful virtual worlds. And in order to travel to these unique places, all you have to do is simply jump online via your PC. Get set to embark on exciting adventures, make new friends along the way and even tackle foes that dare to cross your path. Aiding you in your endeavors are special skill sets, formidable weapons and the ability to take on the guise of powerful warriors. So prepare to dive right in and choose your favorites.

1 – MapleStory:


Noted to be a side-scroller, this interesting game lets you set out on fantastic journeys along with other players plucked from different parts of the globe. You can first undergo a training session on Maple Island and head out to Victoria Island where you’ll be able to opt from any one of the 4 roles available namely, thief, magician, warrior and bowman.

What’s more, there are charming characters, challenging quests and fierce monsters to look forward to as well. So put on your explorer hat and get ready to traverse across creepy dungeons, crowded towns, lush forests, barren deserts and towering mountains.

2 – La Tale:

La Tale

This entrant in our roster takes place in a mythological fantasy world that’s presented to the gaming audience in the form of a side-scrolling action title. Some of the ingredients tossed into the amalgamation of LA Tale include include science, swords, magic, music, art and storytelling. You begin your adventure in the Kingdom of Elias and proceed to other fantastic cities and battlefields that have plenty of missions in store for you.

You’ll also have to find magical markers called the Stones of Iris while you’re on your adventures. The characters and backdrops roped into this console-style casual role playing game are all drenched in anime-inspired art.

3 – Dungeon Fighter Online:

Dungeon Fighter Online

A modern fantasy adventure game is what you can expect to see when you leap right in. It also forays onto the scene with a large serving of nostalgia as it features familiar arcade-type action, loads of interaction and a rich narrative. Further adding to that feeling is the retro video game vocabulary attribute that’s also embedded into the title. The side-scrolling gem also pours forth with plenty of hack-and-slash opportunities.

While opting for your in-game characters, you can opt from classes such as the Fighter, Mage, Slayer, Gunner and Priest. You’re even given the choice of entering dungeons and killing evil monsters either by yourself or with a party of friends. Then there’s also the option of heading to the arena and facing fellow warriors in Player vs. Player combat.

4 – Angels Online:

Angels Online

This free-to-play inclusion in our array lets you fight for any one of the 4 realms namely, Beast, Shadow, Aurora and Steel. You’ll be transported to the wonderful place called Eden which comprises of many surprises as well as fantastic scenic backdrops like eerie swamps, vast oceans, pleasant valley vistas, ghastly crypts and lifeless wastelands.

And just as you might have guessed by glancing at the name, you’ll be able to take on the role of an angel in Angel Lyceum and opt from different classes like Priest, Assassin, Wizard, Magician, Summoner, Swordman, Warrior, Archer, Spearman and Protector. There are around 40 class skills and tons of spells to take advantage of here.

5 – Grand Chase:

Grand Chase

Developed by KOG Studios, this engaging title claims to be a real-time online fighting game that pits up to 6 players against each other. The treat is also fitted with simple, arcade-style control where accuracy and timing are key aspects here. Pull off deadly combos and perform special moves while battling it out against friends in Player vs. Player matches. The delight further provides 2 types of fight modes namely, 3:3 Team Play and Survival. While the former lets you indulge in teams-of-three battles, the latter allows up to 6 players to fight together. The characters found here even boast of special first, second and third grade abilities which can be upgraded. You can even endow your in-game avatar with armor, accessories and weapons.

6 – NosTale:


The final contender in our roundup calls you to be part of an exciting fantasy tale that’s filled to the brim with cute characters, an engaging storyline and endless possibilities. The free-to-play treat takes you and your pals through stunning terrains like the Fernon Temple, the village of NosVille, the mysterious Maple Woods, the Mortaz Desert, the Krem Mountains and the ice island of Glacernon. As far as character classes are concerned, you can opt from a trio of them namely the Mage, archer or swordsman. Create your own unique hero with the help of different weapons, jewelry, clothes, hairstyles and special skills. You can either fight against each other or go on raids together. Another noteworthy attribute found here is the marriage system where you can tie the knot with any in-game individual. And of course, where there’s such an occasion, you can expect a display of fireworks and even a wedding cake.


Through the aforesaid best 2D MMORPG titles, you’ll be able to plummet into fantasy terrains where unique characters and non-stop action are no strangers there. There are plenty of 3D versions of the genre in question, currently ruling the gaming world. And as we’ve just seen, 2-dimensional titles aren’t left too far behind. They’ve also managed to garner the attention of many PC players and still enjoy the numero uno status in their eyes. So if you happen to fall under that category of aficionados, then we’re sure you’ll soak up each of the titles mentioned here. And once you’ve settled upon a few favorites, do leave your comments on the same in the box below.