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BenQ W20000 and W5000 1080p HD Projectors Released in the UK

BenQ W20000 and W5000

With the launch of two new cinema class projectors, BenQ has expanded its 1080p HD projector series. Known as BenQ W20000 and W5000, the projectors are equipped with BenQ’s exclusive Senseye Technology, Texas Instruments’ 1080p DLP DMD chipset (DarkChip3 & DarkChip2 respectively), Philips’ ViDi lighting technology and HQV (Holly Quality Video) high-performance video processor at a high 20000:1 (10000:1 for W5000) contrast ratio.

Both the models boast to work flawlessly with a wide range of devices, ranging from conventional VCR to the latest HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD players. By using the Dual Iris technology, they enhance image contrast and make bright images brighter and dark images darker, delivering high quality visuals. These projectors include DynamicBlack technology that digitally scrutinizes source video to establish the apt iris aperture for the level of light present in a given scene and open and close the projector iris accordingly.

The included four viewing modes such as Cinema, Dynamic, Standard, and Photo enable the projectors for optimal viewing. They are compatible with multiple video formats that include 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p and three memory slots. The projectors produce precise colors to match their real-life appearance with the difference most apparent in blue and red hues.

At only 25dB, the W5000 and W20000 let consumers enjoy stunning images without any distracting projector noise. BenQ’s latest display devices incorporate two HDMI slots, built-in ISFccc (ISF Certified Calibration Controls) and Panamorph lenses for full screen experience at 2.35:1 aspect ratio with no image distortion or letterboxing.

BenQ’s W20000 and W5000 1080p HD projectors are complaint with 1080P/24fps standard for HD video at 24 frames per second. Currently available in the UK, the price of the W20000 is £2,499 and W5000 is £1,399.