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BenQ MP771 Short-Throw Projector Announced in India

BenQ MP771 Projector

BenQ has unveiled its latest projector known as BenQ MP771 in the Indian market. The unique thing about this projector is that it is ideal for short range projection. With the short-throw ratio lens, MP771 has the ability to deliver large-screen projection from a close range.

The projected picture size would come to around 74-inch from a distance of 3.3 feet, offering a big-screen viewing pleasure. You can use the projector for meetings in a small room or hall. It can be a perfect device for use in museums, departmental stores, showcase displays, banks, hospitals and small business houses and many other places.

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Ish Bawa, Marcom Head, BenQ India, quoted “Traditionally, it was thought that a big space is required for a projector to produce large sized image and a white screen for superior image quality. The BenQ MP771 combines the ease of using the projector in a small room with better-quality image without a perfect white screen. The new projector is particularly beneficial for those business houses, which have small and not-so perfect meeting rooms.”

Producing a native XGA (1024 X 768) resolution, the BenQ MP771 projector includes features such as a high brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens with a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and short-throw ratio lens protecting the quality of projection while changing the type of hall/room or the distance between the projector and the screen.

The auto wall color technology has been incorporated into the projector to allow users to display similar quality images, regardless of the wall or the screen colour. It also comes equipped with the BrilliantColor technology, which can provide 50 percent enhanced brightness in mid-tone hues. The final output is brilliant and improved quality images can be noticed.

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Furthermore, it also bundles 3D color management technology to fine-tune the six colours independently for hue, saturation to suit the requirements of specific applications, the off & go function and a detachable keypad.

Price at Rs. 85, 990, the BenQ MP771 projector is available across the country through channels.

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