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Benefits Of CCNA Certification And Career In CCNA

cisco logo Certifications from Cisco are beneficial when it comes to validating and showcasing your IT skills. These certifications find widespread acceptance across enterprises of various scales around the globe. Cisco has established itself as one of the most trusted IT certification vendors, which adds value to its certifications. A CCNA certification can help you significantly, whether you are trying to get a better job or earn a promotion. This certification is a highly recommended option for IT professionals building a career in networking.

What is CCNA certification?

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. The CCNA certification validates a professional’s knowledge in various networking concepts. It covers the skills necessary in the establishment, maintenance, and troubleshooting of networks. A professional with a CCNA certification should be able to manage and troubleshoot various back-end networking devices. This associate-level certification is always an excellent addition to a networking professional’s portfolio.

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How would the CCNA certification benefit you?

The CCNA certification carries great value for networking professionals trying to establish a lustrous career. Some ways how it can benefit you include:

  • It makes you eligible for other certifications

For almost any professional-level networking certifications from Cisco, the CCNA training and certification are prerequisites. Now, if you plan to progress in your career as an IT professional, you would want to keep learning and earning new certifications. In addition, obtaining the CCNA certification would make you eligible for several other highly valuable certification programs.

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  • Ensures better salary

IT companies always try to retain their most skilled and highly certified employees. Therefore, once you obtain a Cisco certification, you would be better positioned to negotiate a higher salary. Typically, professionals who earn the CCNA certification enjoy quick promotions, better salaries, and more perks. Hence, pursuing it is a good idea if you are trying to secure a higher paycheck.

  • It helps to learn and develop skills

The Cisco certification exams are pretty hard, designed to ensure that one can obtain these certifications once after being highly skilled. Thus, to prepare for the exam, you would have to learn very well and undergo all the necessary training. This can significantly upgrade your networking skills. These skills would prove to be very useful in making you productive and valuable to your organization in the long run.

  • It gives you an edge while applying for jobs

Currently, competition is high in the job market in the field of IT. While applying for a high-profile job, you may have to face competition from other skilled professionals. A credible certification would help you gain an edge over them and increase your likelihood of getting the job. This is one of the reasons why the CCNA certification cost is worth it.

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  1. Ample job opportunities

As the certification finds global recognition, there are plenty of job opportunities to enjoy upon obtaining it. Moreover, you may venture into other specialized networking fields after completing the CCNA certification program. Hence, the certification can help you land your dream job.

Pursuing and obtaining the CCNA certification is indeed a good choice for networking professionals.

How to prepare for the certification exam?

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As mentioned earlier, obtaining the CCNA certification is quite hard. However, the fact that Cisco thoroughly evaluates the skills and experience adds value to their certifications. Preparing for the CCNA exam takes some time and effort. However, in the end, it is always worth it. Here are a few tips on how to get yourself ready for the exam.

  • Make sure that you know the course objectives

Go through the course objectives and the exam module thoroughly. Make sure that you know what to face during the examination. Practice exams can be of great help, too, as they ready candidates for the exam in terms of the questions and the question pattern. By staying aware of the course objectives, you can prepare for the exam properly.

  • Undergo necessary training

Look for an institution that offers training at reasonable CCNA course fees and get yourself enrolled. Professional training is always beneficial in the field of networking. Enrolling in a good institution would grant you exposure to experienced industry experts. You may also avail plenty of practical training and experience.

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  • Study from quality materials

While preparing for an examination like Cisco CCNA certification, you would want to study the suitable courseware and materials. Not only should they be from trusted sources, but they should also be up to date on the latest versions of the examination.

It is advisable to look for a CCNA course online in one of the reputed institutions like Koenig. Through adequate training and practice, it is possible to perform exceptionally well in the CCNA exam. You might want to choose an institution where you can also enrol for other Cisco certification courses later.

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