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Benefit From Making Your Small Business Paperless

office paper For many business owners, going paperless may seem highly stressful and next to impossible. At first sight, it really requires some time and effort. However, it is much more manageable with nowaday’s services and programming – moreover, such a step will save you a lot of money in the future. Using paper can be a habit for you, but it actually costs a lot. Besides this, there are some other reasons to go paperless. For instance, with modern services like PDFliner that allow you to sign forms, edit PDFs, and convert PDF to jpeg online, the process becomes easy and less stressful.

5 Reasons to Withdraw from Paper

All businesses produce a lot of documentaries, which they need to save for a continued time. For small businesses, going paperless may have significant consequences. Here are the main reasons to refuse paper usage.

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1. Saving money

Every day, your company signs diverse reports and receives various forms. It requires money for paper, printing, and storage. What is more, if you lose one document, it costs a lot of money to restore it. However, online storage doesn’t need many resources, and in most cases, it is free.

2. Employing new people

You may spend the saved money on employing the workers to help your company develop in new fields. I think it’s better to spend recourses on people and evolvement than on paper. Besides, you can invest this money in other useful ways. For example, you may increase the office space or create a new product.

3. Saving office space

If you have a small business, it often requires a lot of space to save all the papers you have. Your workers may feel uncomfortable in the office because of this. Besides, you can easily use this space for more useful things. For example, you can set another table for your employer or make a lounge zone to allow people to relax at lunch hour. So, when you go paperless, you will encounter a lot of new opportunities.

4. Attracting new customers

Some people don’t want to spend time filling out the paper forms or wish to store their documents online. When you go paperless, you will attract more clients – your business will become more beneficial for them. As a result, you will not only save your money but also gain more in some other ways.

5. More efficient and productive business

Most businesses that have gone paperless are now more attractive not only for the customers but also for the investors. Other companies will more likely cooperate with you if your service is quick and efficient. It could be tricky to provide this with the paper documents. As you see, going paperless is an excellent way to develop your company and increase your productivity.

7 Ways to Go Paperless

If you don’t want to replace all paper documents, you can consider several ways to reduce their usage. It may be challenging to go paperless abruptly. So, here are some recommendations on how to organize your documentary online. If you do it step-by-step, it will be a success for sure.


1. Scan documents

In the beginning, going paperless requires transforming your paper documents into an online form. You can provide this by scanning them. Of course, you need some time for this, but usually, it’s the fastest way to organize your documentary.

2. Download documents to the online cloud

You may download your papers to the corporate computer. However, there are two cons. Most people in your company won’t be able to work with these documents. Also, it requires a lot of memory on the computer. In a short word, it’s not practical. Nowadays, you can find many cloud applications. Most of them are free, and all your workers can have access to them.

3. Use electronic messaging

If you’re using fax or paper messaging, it’s high time to make it electronic. First of all, it will be more complicated to lose essential information. Also, it’s much faster with today’s services. Texting with your client at any time you need is a great way to cooperate.

4. Create pdf forms

In case you work with many customers who fill out the forms you need to check as quickly as possible, it will be highly convenient to allow them to complete the documents online. It’s much simpler both for them and for you. After they fill a form online, they can send it to your email. Such services as PDFliner allow making this process more organized.

5. Use e-signatures

When your clients send you the ready online form, there is no need to print it if you use the e-signature process. This feature exists in most online forms. It saves your money and time because you can get a form with your client’s sign, make your sign, and send it back in minutes.

6. Apply electronic bills and invoices

Besides the documents and forms, you also need to save all bill and invoice papers. So, it will be several times more convenient to make them electronic. Also, there is a smaller risk of losing these important documents.

7. Make digital contracts

It is a standard procedure when you employ people and make the paper contract. But, even such documents can become digital nowadays. This way of employment is safer for you and workers. There is less risk of having conflicts in the future – all your contract details are online, and you can see them at any time you need.

Make Your Business More Efficient

With digital services, both small and large businesses have become more efficient and increased their developing speed. I hope the ways to replace the paper documents I have described will help you and your company.

You don’t need to refuse from paper right away. But the faster you start, the faster you will invest your money into more profitable fields. You will also attract more customers and provide a high-level service. Besides, this way of storage is several times safer – it’s challenging to lose an online document. In a short word, going paperless will save you money and time.