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Belkin unveils Laptop Cooling Hub and Cooling Pad in India

Belkin Cooling Hub, Pad

Overheating laptops are a thing of the past with the two latest Belkin offerings. The company presents the Laptop Cooling Hub and Cooling Pad. Indian audiences can now get rid of the heat emitting from their laptop with these stylish and innovative solutions.

Belkin claims that unlike other standard cooling pads, this product lets consumers use their laptops anywhere, may it be sitting in the bedroom or at office. This does not restrict them to only a desk or table. The device also features extra width and adjustable height which provides customers with a comfortable Internet surfing experience. The cooling fans integrated into the pad helps keep the heat away from the users’ legs.

The Cooling Pad sports a gentle slope which gives users a relaxed typing experience while also providing a less wrist strain. The customers’ laptop will not slip away as the device sports sturdy grips pads. Owing to its sleek appearance and design, the cooling pad can easily fit into the users’ travel bag. It can be found in two trendy hues, namely black and white.

Mohit Anand, Country Manager, Belkin, India shared, “In scorching summer conditions, working with a hot laptop can be quite uncomfortable. Designed to offer maximum cooling comfort and easy connectivity for USB enabled external devices, the sleek and slender Belkin laptop cooling hubs make it more convenient and comfortable to use laptops anywhere in a home or office.”

The Laptop Cooling Hub has a flip-out stand at the back by which it can be elevated. Also featured on the device are rubber pads that keep the laptop at a convenient viewing angle. This is possible as the rubber pads cover the notebook’s contact points and hence prevent it from slipping. The Cooling Hub also includes a fan which cools down heated laptops.

Another highlight of this Belkin offering is the integrated four USB ports. These ports are able to connect any USB enabled devices such as mouse or external hard drives. The hub features rubber padding and can be used with up to 17-inch notebooks. The product can be powered by either an external AC adapter or by the laptop battery power through a USB cable.

The Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad is available in the Indian markets for an expected price of Rs.1,311 and the Cooling Hub for Rs.2,428.