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Belkin TuneBase FM: Review

Tune Base Fm Device

Belkin is offering a Tune Base FM device through which users will not only be able to catch their favorite FM channels but can also enjoy their iPods while driving.

Belkin markets the iPod accessory in such a sleek and good package that by simply looking at it, one cannot guess the numerous things packed inside. The bundle includes a Tune Base FM, Fit Ring, Spacer Pads and iPod Adapter Sleeves for various models of the iPods. We must admit that the Belkin Tune Base FM’s packaging is very impressive indeed.

The Tune Base FM device attaches to the cigarette lighter adapter of the car. The design of the device is flexible and thus convenient. The sleek neck with integrated antenna not only gives a unique look to the device but also make the Belkin Tune Base compact, eliminating clutter. The neck swivels in most of the directions. The best attribute of the device would be its LED indicator displaying FM frequency very clearly.

As mentioned earlier, the Belkin Tune Base FM lets you enjoy FM radio as well as the iPod while on the go. Talking about its features first comes the ClearScan technology. It aims at finding the best FM frequency quickly with just the push of a button. The technology simplifies your process of searching for a radio station while driving. Just push a button and it automatically searches the best frequency for you. The facility of searching the FM frequency manually is also incorporated. Users can set frequency manually with the + and – buttons.

Apart from the + and – buttons, the Belkin Tune Base FM features four other buttons including PRO setting and ClearScan. The 1 and 2 buttons can store the FM frequency that you listen often. You can directly jump to your favorite FM station, skipping the process of searching.

The PRO button optimizes audio and boosts volume. It automatically adjusts the volume as per the iPod model and the music played. This is an impressive feature. There are a total of three different PRO Settings available, suiting various types of music.

Belkin TuneBase FM

The iPod cradle helps when you get bored of the FM radio or reach to the point where FM frequency is not available while you are on a drive out of the city. At such a time you can enjoy your iPod music. The best attribute of the Belkin Tune Base is that it is compatible with all kinds of iPod models available except the iPod Shuffle. All other iPod models such as iPod (4th and 5th generation), iPod Nano (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation), iPod Mini, iPod Classic and iPod Touch. To use a different model, all you have to do is change the sleeve of the device, so that the iPod fits perfectly into the cradle.

Moreover, the Belkin Tune Base is also equipped with 3.5 mm so that the music can be enjoyed through regular headphones too.

Our Shout

Overall, Belkin’s Tune Base FM iPod Dock is quite a user-friendly device during long and boring traveling hours. While things are really simple when one is adjusting the FM settings, but things do get a little complex when one has to deal with the PRO function. All the same, its compatibility with most of the iPod models enhances the music experience while on the go. Priced at Rs. 5,499, on the whole the Belkin Tune Base FM iPod Dock can be quite an asset to a car whose owner is a true music aficionado.