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BeBook Wi-Fi eBook reader announced

BeBook eBook reader

The most recent device in the digital book market is a new Wi-Fi eBook reader called BeBook from Endless Ideas. The eBook reader apparently claims to elevate digital reading standards with its revolutionary features.

A portable device, the BeBook offers users a paper-like reading experience. The small and light eBook reader allows users to store wide content from many books and documents. Sporting a large 6-inch reflective screen, the reader is bundled with 512MB of internal memory.

Delivering a comfortable reading experience, the BeBook is packed with the patent E-ink technology along with the E-paper feature that allows low power consumption. The eBook also allows users to read effortlessly in bright sunlight.

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With a one time 3-hour battery charge, the BeBook should last around 7000 page turns. Compatible with an SD memory card, the novel device allows users to store large amounts of data without any hassles

In addition to this, the BeBook eBook reader is also compatible to a host of popular digital documents format including .doc, .txt, .pdf, .jpg, .htm and .rtf files. Besides an SD card slot, the eBook reader also supports USB connectivity thanks to a USB port. The reader also includes support for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Weighing about 220gm, the BeBook reader has dimensions of around 184mm (l) x 120mm (w) x 10mm (h).

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As of now there is no word on the exact availability or price of the upcoming BeBook reader.

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