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How To Make BDO Good Feed Like A Pro

Cat Looking to make good feed in BDO? Here is our step-by-step recipe guide. Even we had trouble getting used to Black Desert Online when we started playing it. But the best part about this game is that it’s incredibly satisfying and rewarding once you get a hold of its intricacies. It’s really no surprise that it’s among the most popular sandbox-oriented fantasy MMORPGs out right now.

Black Desert Online was released for PC many years ago, or in 2016, to be precise. In 2019, the game made its way to Android and iOS. It also jumped to consoles the same year with PS4 and Xbox One releases. Its popularity can be judged by the fact that by September 2020, it had reached 40 million players and grossed $1.7 billion worldwide. And the player base just keeps growing. If you’re one of the new joiners of the BDO fan club and are looking for a guide on how to make good feed, here you go.

How to gain the ability to cook in BDO?

Once you start progressing in BDO, you eventually gain the ability to cook. If you’ve already gained it, you can skip this section. However, if you’re completely new to the MMORPG, read on to find out how to gain the ability to cook with various materials in BD Online.

Step 1: Get a residence

Black Desert Online Residence In order to make cheap feed, you should be able to cook. And in order to cook, you have to find a decent place to live in. That is why getting a place to stay in is the first thing you do once you become a regular in BDO. To do that you need to invest CP in a house node that has the residence option.

Step 2: Buy a tool for making pet food

Head to the vendor and pick yourself a cooking tool. You can buy a regular item or a Balenos Special item. These are enough for now – but do note that as the game progresses and you move ahead of the apprentice 1 level, you will be able to craft much better cooking tools.

Step 3: Place the tool in your residence

This step is as simple as it sounds. Once you’ve purchased your cooking tool, go back to your home and keep it there by pushing the P button to access the placement screen, selecting the tool from the menu, setting a place for it, and dropping it there. Once this is complete, you are all set to start cooking.

Good Feed Recipe Guide:

Everyone loves pets and it doesn’t matter if they are virtual. This is why good feed remains one of the most demanded items in BDO. It’s rich in proteins and nutrients that help keep them at a healthy weight. And since the game allows you to keep a number of pets, you will require high amounts of good food to keep them satisfied and have them share their company with you.

For your information, you can also create organic feed with a different recipe than the one we’ve mentioned in the space below. It’s harder to make since it has milk as one of its ingredients, which is difficult to acquire.

Good pet feed is hence the preferred way to go. What also makes it great is that it restores exactly 20 percent of the hunger of your critter. This means, having 5 meals will be able to fill them up completely.

Required Ingredients:

One batch of feed can be made with the following ingredients:

6x meat (any kind)

2x dried fish or 1x fresh fish

3x mineral water (from vendor)

4x grain flour (any kind)

One important piece of information you should know is that in BDO, the craft is heavily affected by your skill level. At higher skill levels, you will be able to craft items using fewer materials.

How to get meat?

Wolf You can either gather meat yourself by hunting animals or buy it from the market. The guide says you can use any kind of meat. One of the ways to go about it is hunting foxes, weasels, or wolves near Velia. But if you don’t want to put much effort into it, you can always go for lamb as they are easy to catch and are present in packs.

The ideal location to look for lamb meat is in the mountains between Baleros and Serendia. If other players are already gathering meat there, just look around as there are plenty of spots where lamb meat is found. If you plan on buying lamb meat or any other meat or fresh fish in the market, take note that finding large quantities is pretty difficult given how sought-after they are. You can always pre-order them though.

How to make flour?

Just like in the real world, flour can be made in Black Desert Online by grinding grains like corn, wheat, and barley. But the question is how can you acquire these grains for your flour? You can either do that yourself or take the help of your workers who offer many services. To do it yourself, search for farm areas with a grain node along your route. Such farms usually have patches of farmed soil from where you can gather grain for your flour.

But if you have your own workers, you can easily have the best ones gather them. Once you have the grains, making flour is easy as choosing the processing option by pressing L. You only need a single grain per flour grinding batch which produces 2.5 flour on average at processing level artisan 1.

How to get fresh fish?

Fishing Fish is a very simple item to lay your mitts on. And you’ve probably already caught a lot of fresh fish in Black Desert Online as it’s such a fun activity to indulge in. If you’re not in the mood for fishing, instruct your workers to gather dried fish for you from fishing nodes or just buy it from the market.

For those who are entirely new to the game, you have to start by hunting down an NPC who will sell you a suitable rod for catching fish. The next step is to look around you and find a good fresh water or salt water spot to fish in and press the SPACE bar. Automatic fish catching is deliberately slowed down in the game so that it feels fair to those who are into actively catching fish.

AFK or auto-catching of fish is a mode which allows you to minimize the game on your screen and do other tasks on your to-do list. The amount of time it will take until AFK fish catching is completed will depend on the durability score of your fishing rod and number of inventory slots. As soon as the former goes down to zero or the latter fills up, your avatar will not be able to catch more fresh fish.

For AFK fishing, the repairable +10 Balenos Fishing Rod is the weapon of choice. When you are set to fish automatically, your character will wait for up to 3 minutes for you to manually reel in the fish. If you don’t do it, the fish will be caught automatically.

You have to sell your fish within 24 hours to a Trade Manager NPC or Imperial Fish Delivery NPC. If you have a high number of inventory slots, you will want to fish in an area marked to have an abundant amount of fish. To gain the maximum value for your fish, it’s better to sell your stock to an NPC located far away from your fishing spot.

How to get water?

Mineral water is an ingredient that can be procured straight from the vendor. It’s among the easiest and cheapest materials to get in BD Online; so you don’t have to worry whether you are a seasoned player or an apprentice 1. Water is one item that should not be a problem getting hold of.

How to reduce gathering time?

Not just in this game, but MMORPGs, in general, make you grind a lot in order to improve your gathering times. When you start playing, it can cost around 20 seconds to gather the meat of a fox. But we’re going to give you a straightforward method to reduce that time.

If you are not part of a guild with bonuses to the gathering stat, just use the Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes +1, a Life stone, and Balenos Meals. And if you are part of a guild with a +3 gathering, you can do with either Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes +2, or a Life Stone. Once you’ve done the needful, your gathering times can go down to around 2 to 3 seconds.

Making good feed at any cooking level

Once you have the knowledge of how to gather the needed ingredients for your recipes, you can finally move to the activity of actually making feed for your pet to chomp on and satiate their hunger. Place all the required products in cooking toolboxes inside your residence in the correct ratios and press start. If you keep hitting start continuously, you will get as many batches of quality feed that are possible with the number of products you have. Each batch should give on average 4 feeds when your cooking level is at artisan level 1.

Bonus tips –

Q. How can you reduce time required to cook?

A. Players are always looking for ways to save on cooking time. Silver Embroidered Cooking Clothes, Life stones, better cooking tools, and some food allow you to lower your cooking times. The lowest time posted is somewhere around 2 seconds for each batch.

Q. How can you reduce the ingredients used?

A. No matter if you’re cooking feed for your pet or anything else, improving your cooking skills is the only way to reduce the number of ingredients used. Keep experimenting with your cooking until the time comes. And if you really enjoy the challenges it raises, you can think about branching into alchemy which is functionally similar to cooking.

Q. Can two different types of flesh be used by the player?

A. You can indeed use two different kinds of meat in conjunction. You can pair wolf meat with fox meat but do keep in mind that since there are four slots in the utensil, you can’t use 2 different types of meat and 2 different dried fish varieties.

Q. Are any weird dishes created while making good feed?

A. Yes, while cooking, you will notice many “weird” dishes being crafted along with good feed. You can get information about them by hovering over them. This will also tell you where you can exchange them, and what will you get.

Q. Does Black Desert Online Online use RNG?

A. Indeed, the developers have implemented RNG (random number generator) in Black Desert Online. This algorithm adds an element of randomness to the outcome of your activities in the game. The truth is that many enjoyable modern video game offerings would just not be the same without it even though it receives a lot of hate from the faction of players who feel all the hard work they put into developing their gaming skills is undermined by such a luck-based system. Then there are others who feel uncertainty adds to the charm of games such as these.