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BBTV – an Online Television Service Introduced by Blinkx

Blinkx BBTV

The web has come a long way, from content that was just text and small images to high-def videos. Nowadays most users are using the Internet to access not only videos but also live broadcasts of events. Many firms have invested a lot of money for coming up with technology that will offer an amazing experience for viewing online television.

Blinkx is one such company. They are one of the biggest video search engines and have now come up with BBTV, which promises to provide a high-quality television experience over the Internet. What they have done here is blended video watching and web surfing. Blinkx also employs speech-recognition software that makes searchable transcripts of the audio portion of video clips. This basically lets users steer through precise portions of video by searching for a spoken keyword or phrase.

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BBTV will offer a full screen TV quality experience. The fast and high-quality delivery of video content is powered by hybrid peer-to-peer streaming technology. The service shows a lot of potential. How many times have we heard something new on television and felt the urge to gather more information about that particular thing, movie, place, person etc!? Users will be able to get information from websites through the content player itself. The video is clickable, which means that users will be able to ‘shift-click’ to get extra information about the things within the video like the location, a person or even an object.

Well, so how does one get the Blinkx BBTV? All you have to do is head to their official website and download the installer file. It is available free of charge. Blinkx is taking on players such as Joost and Vuze, who have launched their services some time ago but are yet facing a lot of challenges. But one thing that keeps people, especially in developing countries, using such services is the speed of the net connection. Companies will have to find a way to deliver such content to users with a low bandwidth connection.

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