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Battlefield 5 confirmed to have single-player campaign, unlike Call of Duty

Battlefield V We can’t believe this is news-worthy, but it is. The upcoming Battlefield 5 has been confirmed to feature a single-player mode by its makers. In case you haven’t heard, its competitor, the upcoming Call of Duty game is rumored to have abandoned this component, having opted for a multiplayer-only experience.

The news about Battlefield 5 not taking the same route as CoD has come straight from the horse’s mouth. EA CEO Andrew Wilson, while speaking to investors about it, revealed, “Every battle is unique, and every mode brings its own challenges – from the way you interact with the environment around you, to compelling single-player stories, to the next level of large-scale multiplayer that spans across multiple maps and modes.”

That final part of the sentence seems to be pointing at the recently rumored Battle Royale mode. This will not only add value to the offering, but will also help it compete against the likes of PUBG and Fortnite that are currently hogging the attention of gamers from around the world.

Call of Duty too is expected to come with a Battle Royale mode of its own. Apparently, this is the reason why the decision to not include a single-player campaign in it was taken. This game will come with the Black Ops 4 branding, and will be developed by Treyarch, the studio responsible for the previous game from the sub-series.

Coming back to Battlefield 5, very few details about it exist at the moment. The current title from the series is still going pretty strong in terms of player presence. Its World War I setting has been well appreciated by fans and critics alike. It can be purchased now on the PS4, the Xbox One and PC.