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All Bat Pokémon From Every Generation [Complete List]

All Bat Pokemon List Get ready to spread your wings and fly into the world of bat Pokémon, because today we’re gonna talking about everyone’s favorite nocturnal pocket monsters.

From the fast and stealthy Crobat to the adorable Woobat to the powerful dragon type Noivern, we’ve checked our Pokédex for all the battiest creatures on offer. So grab your Poké Balls, put on your trainer hat, and let’s dive in.

We present to you to the complete list of all bat Pokemon that currently exist in the Pokémon franchise:

1. Zubat

Zubat When you think of bat-like Pokémon, chances are that you might picture this OG, generation I creature that loved troubling unsuspecting people traveling through caves.

With no eyes and nose, this poison/flying type relies on ultrasonic waves for navigation and fighting opposing Pokémon.

If you happen to be entering Mt. Moon when playing Pokemon Red/Blue, then make sure to carry repels to deal with swarms of this purple menace.

Alternatively, you can fight these tiny critters with rock, electric, psychic, and ice types.

2. Golbat

Golbat While Zubat has typical bat-like features, it evolves to the much larger Golbat who was designed with a gaping and menacing mouth that seems capable of swallowing any Pokémon that challenges it.

It has small eyes and strong dark purple wing membranes that can produce sonic booms.

If Golbat’s enormous mouth isn’t scary enough, then the two pairs of fangs on its top and bottom jaws should be taken as a warning. This is because this generation I Pokemon ends up drinking the blood of its fellow creatures to the point where it cannot fly properly.

Despite its creepy nature, Golbat is quite weak due its low base stats and you would be better off capturing some of the stronger critters noted below.

3. Crobat

Crobat Silently flying into our list of bat type Pokémon by using its four wings is Crobat, the final form of Zubat. Crobat was introduced in generation II and can be evolved by leveling up Golbat with friendship.

Crobat has traded its legs for an extra pair of wings to increase its speed and fly long distances using both its upper and lower wings.

It is one of the fastest bat-like Pokémon around and has a handy tool called Super Fang that reduces its enemies’ HP by 50%.

4. Gligar

Gligar While Zubat and its evolved forms are poison/flying type, Gligar is a ground/flying type. Gligar even look like flying scorpions, with its two large claws and a segmented-tail with a poisonous stinger.

This flying bat Pokemon likes hanging upside down under tall cliffs from where it glides to attack its enemies.

Being a ground/flying type, Gligar is naturally weak against water and ice Pokémons. And we’ll admit Gligar does have low base attack stats.

But this generation II critter is no pushover since it has the very useful Hyper cutter ability that prevents its opponents from lowering its Attack stats.

5. Gliscor

Gliscor Gliscor is the evolved final form of Gligar introduced in generation IV. This evolved form retains many features, including its ground/flying type.

It is evolved using a razor fang. But it gets a higher level vampiric design, with more fangs, creepy yellow eyes, pointy ears, and grayish blue wings.

Gliscor uses its thin legs to hang from trees from where it can glide down silently with just a slight breeze. You don’t want to mess with this vampire bat as it has a good defense stat and a Poison heal ability that allows it to heal itself when poisoned.

All things considered, Gliscor could be a useful Pokémon to have in your team because it can learn the Tailwind move that gives itself and its teammates a temporary speed boost.

6. Woobat

Woobat Woobat is is available from generation V onwards. While all of the critters discussed up to now are scary in some way, Woobat is quite an adorable blue bat Pokemon.

A standout feature of Woobat is its heart-shaped nostril that helps it to cling to dark cave walls. Its nostrils along with its fluffy ball-like appearance makes it pretty cute. It is a psychic/flying type that uses its nose to create ultrasonic waves.

Woobat may appear small and cute with a single baby fang in its upper jaw, but it has decent attacks like air cutter and should be taken seriously since it has the Stored power psychic move that raises the attack and special attack power for each of its raised stat.

7. Swoobat

Swoobat The little fluffy Woobat evolves into its final form, Swoobat, in generation V by leveling up in friendship.

This evolved form is the mature bat Pokemon version of Woobat, with an elegant fur coat, two fangs, visible feet, a tail, and a heart-shaped nose and nostril that emits ultrasonic waves.

This is a good companion for your Pokemon adventures because apart from its psychic moves and decent speed stats, it can learn “heat wave,” a mighty fire-type move against non-fire Pokémon.

Just remember that Swoobat and its pre-evolved form are weak against ghost, dark, ice, rock, and electric type Pokemon.

8. Noibat

Noibat Noibat the sound wave Pokémon is a dragon/flying type that is available from generation VI. Unlike Woobat and Swoobat that prefer eating bugs, Noibat enjoys munching on fruit.

It is light purple in color and has very large ears with a concentric design. Noibat emits powerful sound waves from these enormous ears for fighting enemies, navigating pitch-dark caves, and even detecting the ripeness of fruits.

Noibat is a dual flying and dragon type Pokémon, and it has some good flying moves like air cutter and the powerful dragon pulse move.

Even if you think Noibat is not that good as of the others on this list, we suggest patiently leveling it up because it evolves into the violent and very much dragon-like Noivern described below.

9. Noivern

Noivern Enter Noivern, the Darkness Dragon, the second-most intimidating bat Pokémon, after the legendary Pokémon Lunala.

Just like Noibat, Noivern was introduced in generation VI. It is famous for its cruel and brutal nature, but it is said that it becomes calm when offered its favorite fruit.

Noivern has very good attack and special attack stats that make it one of the our favorite picks in this roster. This dark purple bat Pokemon deals heavy damage with its Draco meteor special attack, but just avoid using it against fairy, rock, ice, and fellow dragon types.

Next, let’s look at the otherworldly and legendary Pokemon Lunala.

10. Lunala

Lunala Lunala is a psychic/ghost legendary Pokemon that was added in generation VII. It is known as “the beast that calls the moon” and is rightly the mascot of Pokémon Moon.

Lunala is one of the few legendary ones that are not standalone Pokémon. This moongiant Pokémon evolves from Cosmoem, the protostar Pokémon, in the Pokémon Moon, Ultra Moon, and Shield game versions.

It can also be obtained in Pokémon Ultra Sun by trading.

Lunala gets its energy from absorbing all available light and can unleash a devastating Moongeist Beam special attack that it shares with Dawn Wings Necrozma.

If Moongeist Beam wasn’t deadly enough, you can upgrade it to Z-move Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Being a legendary Pokémon, Lunala is a powerful player to have in your team, along with the likes of the generation VI bat dragon Noivern.

But due to its physic/ghost type, Lunala is somewhat weak against other ghost and dark Pokémon.


What Is The Bat Pokemon Called?

The first bat Pokémon that we were introduced to in the franchise was Zubat. Now several different bat-like Pokémon exist, and they consist of different types that make them effective against different types of enemies.

What Is The Bat Pokémon With 1 Eye?

Now this question hearkens back to the Pikachu Mandela effect mystery which had a lot of people misremembering a small detail about Ash’s most famous yellow buddy.

Let’s clear this up – there is no one-eyed bat-type Pokémon. It’s possible that some folks may have seen pictures of the fluffy Woobat with its eyes fully covered up and mistaken the heart-shaped nose at the center of its face for an eye.

What Purple Pokémon Looks Like A Bat?

There are 7 non-legendary and 1 legendary purple Pokémon that are considered bat-like Pokemon.

These include Zubat and Golbat from generation I, Crobat and Gligar from generation II, Gliscor from generation IV, Noibat and Noivern from generation VI, and the legendary Lunala from generation VII.

What Is The Best Bat Pokemon?

Lunala is easily the strongest and best bat Pokemon. Considering only the non-legendary Pokemon, Noivern and Crobat are the best bat Pokemon because both have similar (and the best) overall base stats.

How Many Bat Pokemon Are There?

10 of these, which includes 1 legendary type, currently exist in the Pokéverse. These are the poison/flying type Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat, the ground/flying type Gligar and Gliscor, the psychic/flying type Woobat and Swoobat, the dragon/flying type Noibat and Noivern, and lastly, the psychic/ghost legendary type Lunala.

How Do You Catch A Bat In Pokémon Go?

From the straight up weird Golbat to the cute Woobat to the dragonesque Noivern to the eerie Lunala, you’ll never be bored if you have these critters by your side.

So get out there and start catching! Try using incense sticks and lure modules. Stock up on razz berries, and great and ultra balls to make sure that elusive Noibat doesn’t fly away from you.

As mentioned earlier, all ten bat Pokemon are available to those of you playing Pokémon Go. The timing, location, and chances of encountering these flying critters will vary according to the particular one you want to catch.

Obviously, look out for Community Days that feature your favorite batty critters. Noibat community day was celebrated on February 5th this year.

But don’t worry if you missed it, you can capture many Noibat once again during the Community Day Celebration later in December 2023.