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10 Basecamp Alternatives

The 10 Basecamp alternatives are chalked out for professionals who are looking for project management solutions on the web. We have listed out a series of names that cater perfectly to this requirement. The worthy substitutes boast of various useful attributes that have already garnered the interest of quite a few reputed companies who rely on these very tools for their projects. Armed with this confidence, go on and check out the contenders.

1 – activeCollab:


Project management, collaboration, client work and invoicing can all be found displayed neatly across one place itself. No longer will you have to scan through loads of emails, spreadsheets and chat transcriptions to find your desired document. The website allows you to track time and expenses as well as catch any errors at an early stage before they escalate out of hand.

As the maker suggests, activeCollab is used by various companies like Disney, Texas Instruments, Adobe, Berkeley College, Nokia, Cisco, Universal Studios, Stanford University, and BBC. The pricing details read as follows – Corporate and Small Biz is tagged at $499 and $249, respectively.

2 – Action Method:

Action Method

According to the developer, ‘capture tasks, collaborate and get organized with Action Method.’ The intuitive task management application is designed for especially professionals and teams. You can utilize this tool for managing action steps, delegating responsibilities to the concerned parties, coordinating deadlines and organizing projects. What’s more, there are individual apps fashioned for iOS- and Android-powered devices so that you can avail of all these features even while on the go. Some of the creative people who use this service include Miramax Films, Yahoo!, Belkin, MTV, and Apple.

3 – Huddle:


Huddle boasts of collaboration and content management in the cloud. You’ll be able to seamlessly share the necessary files with partners and colleagues as well as assign tasks to the get the work at hand, done efficiently. And thanks to the inclusion of user profiles, you can connect with the people that matter and work simultaneously on the same documents. Similar to Action Method, this entrant in our sites like Basecamp roster also offers apps for various portable devices like the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android. The different companies that already take advantage of Huddle are P&G, Unilever, Kia Motors, Nasa, PWC and Diageo.

4 – 5pm:


Need a better way to stay organized at work? Well, try your hand at the intuitive web-based project management tool christened simply as 5pm. This can easily become your center point for team collaboration, reporting, time tracking and task management. There’s even an iPhone app for conducting the same while traveling or away on a business trip. And with everything just a click or two away, you can get more done by 5pm, reveals the maker of the website. A few names featured on the company’s roster include ASPCA, Olympus, Grand Hyatt, Asus, Europcar, McDonald’s, and Caribou Coffee. The monthly price starts from $18 and goes all the way up to $175 for 5 to unlimited users, respectively.

5 – Goalkeeper:


No, the Goalkeeper in question has nothing to do with sports or soccer for that matter. It’s a program management software that enables you to juggle delegation, budgets and time without breaking a sweat. You can simply reach into the confines of this arena and pull out all your required documents and information bits. It also allows you to customize the interface as per your convenience. Manage projects, track issues and bugs and even share important files. There are 3 types of pricing namely, Free, Freelancer and Professional which cost $0, $29 and $69, respectively.

6 – Project Pier:

Project Pier

Project Pier is noted to be an open-source PHP application that’s great for managing tasks, teams, and projects via the internet. Aiming to ‘help your organization communicate,’ this option provides the scalability of self-hosting besides harboring other essential features.

What’s more, you can use Project Pier for any number of clients, projects, and tasks as it offers no limits what so ever. And like a few of our other alternatives, this one is also up for grabs absolutely free of cost.

7 – Redmine:


Redmine is a cross-platform, cross-database software and flexible project management web application. The vital attributes housed here include Gantt chart and calendar feeds and email notifications, time tracking, multiple projects support and issue creation via email.

Each user on Redmine can handle a different role for a particular project. You even have the ability to keep your projects private or display them publically.

8 – ClockingIT:


The next contender on our services like Basecamp lineup is noted to be a free hosted application, ClockingIT lets you stay abreast of your tasks as well as the amount of time you spend over them. This delight incorporates the works, from project management to collaboration, and it’s absolutely free of cost.

Some of the features found here include one-click time tracking, interactive Gnatt chart and scheduling, no restrictions and flexible reporting. Furthermore, ClockingIT supports 14 languages such as French, English, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Finnish and Hebrew.

9 – Lighthouse:


Want a web solution that will simplify your workflow? Then why not give Lighthouse a go? According to the developer of this site like Basecamp array inclusion, you can easily view all your projects via a simple overview and utilize milestones to better plan features and release dates. What’s more, you’ll even be able to create and reply to tickets without leaving your inbox. Your team members can easily find images and documents thanks to the different seamless sharing options.

10 – Comindwork:


Simple, elegant and reliable are the adjectives used by the maker to describe Comindwork. This user-friendly software allows you and your co-workers to collaborate on various projects and share important documents with each other, minus any hassles. Other features include meta-project Gantt views, fine-grained permissions, cloud integration, and fully customizable fields, among others.

And if you’re wondering who’s on their clientele list, well, here they are – WWF, Oakstone Publishing, DNAinfo, Northwestern University, Asia Society, Sky.it, Ansell, TRW and cycle30.


After glancing at the 10 Basecamp alternatives, which ones have you zeroed in on for your company, organization or team? Each of them has a set of intriguing features that is sure to fit your requirements to the tee. We want to hear from you. Did we leave out any gems that deserved a mention here? Do leave your comments in the box below.