Barnes & Noble Nook for Web introduced

Nook For Web

Thanks to the Barnes & Noble Nook for Web application, users will not have to sign in, download software or own a Nook tablet to read eBooks if they have access to the internet. Currently the service has been made available for PC and Mac and it supports most browsers. The company also plans to release it for other internet-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets and more.

Books like The Vow, The Boxcar Children Summer Special, Perfect Island Getaways and more are up on the website for complimentary reading and can be downloaded free of charge until July 26. It should also make eReading easier for existing Nook customers as it synchronizes with Nook devices and applications through the Nook Cloud service, allowing users to continue reading anytime. The web application is loaded with a number of free samples of books, which can be read instantly by clicking the ‘read instantly’ icon.

“Nook for Web makes it easier than ever for anyone – from Nook customers to those experiencing digital content for the first time – to access and read books online. There’s no need to download special software to access your digital library – Nook for Web seamlessly combines Barnes & Noble’s best-in-class digital reading experience and unrivaled Nook Store to deliver an immersive, easy-to-use solution for readers to consume millions of titles right from their Web browser,” expressed Jamie Iannone, President of Digital Products at Barnes & Noble.

Barnes & Noble Nook for Web boasts of a realistic book-like layout, complete with page numbers and a slider to facilitate quick scrolling. Moreover, readers can customize their eBooks with the assistance of 8 different fonts and font sizes as well as choose from single or double page layouts through the navigation bar. And if that’s not enough, it will also keep users in the loop about editorials and customer reviews of the book they choose to read. Additionally, Nook will recommend titles and inform readers about new releases and more.

Barnes & Noble Nook for Web has gone live on the official company website.