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Barkha Dutt’s Twitter account hacked by Legion


After a wave of high-profile Twitter hacks of prominent tech titans like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, Indian personalities have started getting their accounts hacked into as well. An outfit going by the name Legion has been wreaking havoc on the platform by gaining access to various profiles and filling up their stream with derogatory tweets.

Legion first came to national attention when they hacked Rahul Gandhi and the Indian National Congress’ Twitter accounts in early December. The group changed the INC Vice President’s name to ‘Office of Retard Gan’ and sent out expletive-laden tweets criticizing his family.

Gandhi later regained control of his account. Legion followed this up by getting their hands on Vijay Mallya’s Twitter handle and email account. They then proceeded to share his London address and phone number. The outfit even released a few documents related to his assets, bank accounts, passports, and offshore investments.

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The latest victims of Legion’s activities are NDTV journalists Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar. Their Twitter profiles were hacked on December 10. The former’s email address and password were tweeted out, alongside a string of abusive posts. The hackers also promised to release her emails to the public.

Legion has gone ahead and promised to invade Lalit Modi’s privacy next. They claim they’re fighting against corrupt people and defended themselves by stating that they use Twitter as a means to reach out to the public. They’re further asserting that they don’t just hack accounts, asking people to go through the data and find out.

NDTV has confirmed the hacks with a statement. It’s currently asking authorities to take strong action.