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BannerBit Review: Is This Ad Flipping Platform Worthwhile?

bannerbit Have you encountered any ad flipping platforms before? Let’s say you did, but you have no concrete idea how they work, and perhaps one of these platforms you chanced upon is BannerBit.com. Well, you have come to the right place – every crook and cranny you want to learn about it is here in this BannerBit review.

Over the years, banner ads have grown to be among the most go-to tools for internet marketing. In fact, every brand you see is likely to be using this form of online advertisement. What most people do not know, however, is that buying and selling banner ads is a worthwhile investment. This is exactly the premise of BannerBit.com.

Now, before going to the brass tacks, let’s understand first what it is.

What is BannerBit Platform?

By essence, it is an online ad flipping platform that lets you profit from buying and selling banner ads. BannerBit offers a different way of taking part in the online marketing world. It is a very straightforward platform that anyone – even those with little to no marketing experience – can benefit from its intuitiveness and ease of use.      

How This Ad Flipping Platform Works?    

First, to join, you will be asked to complete a form that details your name, email address, password, and phone number. Once done, you can start searching and buying banner ads on the BannerBit marketplace. Keep in mind, though, that you would need at least $250 (minimum deposit amount) to fund your account; otherwise, you will be unable to buy ads and use the platform.

Since the ads you buy runs on a hefty count of performance-based marketers and major publishers, the chances of your ads getting clicked are quite high. Plus, you have the option to sell your ad, or multiple ads for that matter, to other BannerBit members for a higher price than you initially purchased it (action style). That way you can generate more profit from the price difference.

The platform also has an easy to understand Performance Dashboard that gives information about the number of clicks your ads acquired and how much revenue these clicks have generated so far. Profits are calculated in a day, month, and year.

Interestingly, BannerBit.com offers at least five different packages, all of which are available for its members. Although these packages largely depend on your budget preference, it is a flexible set of options, so to speak, starting from as little as $250.

In case you are wondering, the platform comes with a secure payment system and a dedicated 24/5 support center.


Now that you know what BannerBit is and how this ad flipping platform works, you are probably wondering if this is for you. Is it a legit advertising platform? Absolutely! Is it for me? Well, it is really subjective. You see, this is one of the many ways you can generate extra income online, but in terms of getting results (profitability), it is really up to you. It’s not a “push-button” system, so you got to do some heavy lifting here. Apart from investment, you must be persistent and patient. As long as you are willing to put in some work, there is no stopping you from earning through this platform.