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Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Seasons updated

Bad Piggies Update

Rovio’s latest game, Bad Piggies, has been plumped up with new levels, while Angry Birds Seasons has received new Halloween updates. Along with informing users about these refreshes, the official Rovio blog has also revealed some tips for those who are finding the evil pigs’ ventures a bit difficult to cope with.

Along with 15 new levels for Bad Piggies, the developers have added a new sandbox, their biggest till date. Players who wish the interface to have a fresh look can even choose to change it as a night theme has been introduced as part of the update.

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According to the blog, the stars in each level can be collected with the help of different vehicles. So those who have been racking their brains to figure out a way of collecting all three stars at once can take it easy and do so via multiple attempts. Here’s a very useful tip. A tap on an object while creating a vehicle, rotates it. If gamers get stuck on a level and are unable to come up with the right vehicle to proceed to the next one, they can simply take the help of the mechanic pig and enjoy the rest of the fun.

The application is all about trial and error and thus players can go on making vehicles and unleash their creativity as much as they want. In the sandboxes, new machines can be invented with all the unlocked objects. And as far as Angry Birds Seasons is concerned, it now features a new episode that’s called Haunted Hogs. And that’s not all. Angry Birds Friends is also holding a tournament for a limited time. It will end on November 4.

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The Bad Piggies and Angry Birds Seasons updates have been released already.