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Back up WhatsApp to Google Drive now if you’re on Android

WhatsApp has started offering its users the option to securely back up their data via Google Drive, allowing Android owners to now save their messages and media to the cloud and restore it on a new device. The update will be pushed out in stages; so some might have to wait a bit for it.

It makes sense for Facebook-owned WhatsApp to partner with Google Drive, given a majority of its 900 million consumers use Android software. Individuals will now be able to store their complete chat history, photos, videos and voice messages online. The earlier system only saved information to a folder stored within the device.

In order to access the Drive, a person must have a Google account and Google Play services installed in their phone. They’ll need to have enough space in their account and phone to initiate the backup. The online cloud platform currently gives away 15GB of storage for free. The size of the file varies, but could become very large if a lot of data is required to be saved.

WhatsApp Google Drive

WhatsApp cautions people to connect to a power source and be patient the first time they start the process, as it may take a while. Later backups are incremental and will take up less time. To activate Google Drive, users have to open the app, tap on settings, chats and calls and finally chat backup. They have to choose the service and select their preferred frequency.

A back up over option allows individuals to pick whether they want to use Wi-Fi or mobile internet. WhatsApp recommends connecting to the former as the data consumed could be very large. People can additionally save their media manually at any time. To restore the information, they need to use the same phone number and Google account used to create the backup.

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WhatsApp is rolling out its Google Drive compatibility gradually over the next few months. You can download the latest version of the app via the Google Play Store.


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