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6 Baby Monitor Apps For iPhone

Baby Monitor Apps For iPhone

Baby monitor apps for iPhone make your parenting job a wee bit easier. Although it’s a beautiful experience, we know that being proud mummies or daddies doesn’t come without a heap of responsibilities. Apparently, babies between the ages of 1 month and 3 years require at least 13 to 16 hours of sleep. Keeping a constant eye on them during this time period and carrying out other household chores, can be a daunting task. So in order to put their minds at ease, we have prepared a list of feature-packed applications that act as portable baby monitor solutions.

1 – Baby Monitor & Alarm:

Baby Monitor & Alarm

The Baby Monitor & Alarm app is endowed with a bunch of great attributes that would definitely give mums and dads a little alone time while the baby is asleep. You would simply need to put an iPhone near your baby and the app would take care of the rest. When the software detects a noise in the baby’s room, it will immediately call the preset phone number. It also has the ability to record each noise which can later be replayed or even forwarded via email.

Usually, whenever an infant wakes up and starts to sniffle, the mother’s soothing voice calms the baby and most often, it falls right back into a deep slumber. With the Baby Monitor & Alarm, you can record your voice or set any other song from the library to play when the tot gets cranky or throws a tantrum. Created by parents, it doubles as a night light in the room and can even display a friendly animal.

Price: $2.99

2 – iWatchLife Smart Video Monitoring:

iWatchLife Smart Video Monitoring

Our next inclusion in our apps for iPhone array is a smart video security system dubbed as iWatchLife Smart Video Monitoring. With this application, you can see what really happens in your child’s room or play area via your webcam or IP camera live views, recorded videos and detected events. This is done by employing a webcam or two IP cameras and a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection.

Besides the aforementioned actions, it also allows you to take instant snapshots, record live feeds and view shared camera feeds. What’s more, this nifty delight can even be used for keeping a close watch on pets, contractors, property or elderly parents.

Price: Free

3 – Baby Monitor:

Baby Monitor

Besides just connecting with loved ones, surfing through iTunes and enjoying various apps, your Apple device could also be used to keep a few of your kid-related worries at bay. Simply place the iPhone that’s packed with the Baby Monitor software besides the baby and it will SMS or call the preset telephone number so that you can listen to the din that’s echoing from the nursery. The noise sensitivity can also be adjustable as per the parent’s desire. And according to the developer, the monitor even boasts of unlimited range. With the latest version update, it packs in a useful feature that enables you to delay baby monitoring as long as 30 minutes, which gives you enough time to rock the baby in your arms and lay it down to sleep.

Price: $4.99

4 – Best Baby Monitor:

Best Baby Monitor

With the Best Baby Monitor app sitting in your handset, you’ll be able to see, hear and even talk to your tiny tot. All you require here are two iOS devices or a Mac and a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Notably, the gadget positioned besides the crib will stream audio and video directly to the parent’s unit. The camera’s flash and full screen bright white light act as night vision apparatuses for a clearer view.

This particular entrant in our apps for iPhone roster also allows you to multitask while away from your precious bundle of joy. You can check emails, browse the internet and even read ebooks while the app runs in the background. Besides porting along other attributes like an activity log and lullabies, it also provides owners with the ability to talk to their baby via a phone call or FaceTime chat. This comes in quite handy especially while they are at work or away on a business trip.

Price: $3.99

5 – BabyPhone Deluxe:

BabyPhone Deluxe

If you’re a new parent or even expecting another child, the BabyPhone Deluxe app definitely has the potential to become your happy helper. Apart from proving to be of great assistance at home, it can also be ported along while on vacation with the family. When the application detects any type of noise, it will place a call to the preset landline or mobile number.

The BabyRecorder feature enables you to record all the sounds your baby makes and export the best ones to a desired location. For just under $3, you can expect unlimited range, decent voice quality, sensitivity slider, automatic screen dimmer, events log and 3D graphics. An easy set up is also possible thanks to the inclusion of the configuration wizard.

Price: $2.99

6 – iSitter:


Like a few other software options present in our lineup of apps for iPhone, the iSitter application also requires two iOS devices which individually act as the Baby and Parent sides. While the former is placed near the crib, the latter unit will constantly be in the hands of the caretaker. Real time audio as well as camera images snapped every 30 seconds are sent to the parent gadget. Furthermore, the developer reveals that in order to take complete advantage of the app, the handset must be accommodated with a speaker dock. And interestingly, an alarm is programmed to be blared out on the Parent side of the iPhone just in case the bond between the two devices gets disconnected.

Price: Free

When you’re blessed with a little angel, all your attention is automatically devoted to giving him or her the absolute best like a beautiful crib, cute bootees, colorful wallpaper and much more. And when it comes to opting for a baby monitor, you can rely on your very own Apple smartphone to take care of that aspect. No need for shelling out the bucks to acquire a new one. Whether at home, at a relative’s place or while traveling, our selection of baby monitor apps for iPhone would surely keep you worry-free while the infant is sound asleep. And don’t forget to share your views in the comment box below.