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6 Autohotkey Alternatives

The AutoHotkey alternatives jotted down below are actually automation software that let you create shortcuts for a keyboard, a mouse or a joystick. The program in question comes in extremely handy for creating macros or apps and helps you type faster as it can be customized to expand abbreviations. This utility makes it possible to remap keys and convert scripts in to EXE files so you can execute them on computers that do not have the program installed. And running existing AutoIt files will not be a problem either. Here we have a set of applications that have been blessed with these and similar functions, so go ahead and take a look if you have been looking for an option to switch.

1 – AutoIt:


AutoIt is a scripting language and its basic task is to automate the Windows GUI. It combines mouse movements, simulated keystrokes and window manipulation for the purpose. The application meant for all Windows platforms lets you interact with standard controls and even gives you the option of converting scripts into standalone executables for using them on computers which doesn’t have this software.

According to the developers of the tool, it comes in handy for creating graphical user interfaces as well. And if that’s not enough, there are detailed help files to assist you if you get stuck. The program boasts of scriptable Run As functions and has Unicode and x64 support too.

2 – IronAHK:


Next on our compilation featuring programs like AutoHotkey is IronAHK, a scripting language that claims to be loaded with powerful and easy to use features. Just like the software mentioned above, it can simulate keystrokes and mouse movements as well as manipulate windows and processes. You can take the assistance of this tool to compile scripts into standalone executables and even create graphical user interfaces. Its other functions include editing files and modifying directories. It runs on .Net and requires Mono for Mac OS X- or Linux-based gadgets.

3 – WinAutomation:


This program claims to be the most advanced automation software meant for Windows-based computers and helps you customize your system in such a way that it starts performing all the repetitive tasks without your intervention. This will surely save a lot of your time. It consists of a macro reader as well as a web recorder and fills in web forms using data from local files.

The utility can even extract text from websites into text or Excel files or send pre-recorded mouse clicks and keystrokes to applications on the PC. You have the freedom to manipulate windows and retrieve emails to create a database of the content in them. Additionally, a lot of tasks including FTP transfers can be scheduled in advanced and the tool ensures they are executed at the right time.

4 – JitBit Macro Recorder:

JitBit Macro Recorder

JitBit Macro Recorder takes up this spot on our roster of applications similar to AutoHotkey as it claims to be one of the best macro programs for the Windows OS. It is not limited to being a keyboard and mouse recorder. The developers have revealed that this software is a complete automation tool and allows you to insert custom commands and sentences into your macros.

Moreover, you can compile the macros to create a single executable file that can be redistributed and installed on any Windows computer. It even compresses the EXE files using advanced optimization techniques so they take up less space on the system. Furthermore, you can have hotkeys and use them in any application and a full-featured editor has been tossed in to let you modify them as and when you want.

5 – Macro Express:

Macro Express

Another Windows utility to record, edit and playback both mouse and keyboard macros is Macro Express and it promises to provide tools and features that make you more productive. Like all the other options mentioned on this list, it lets you record keystrokes and mouse actions so you can cut down on the time spent on carrying out repetitive tasks by automating them.

And it goes without saying that you are not required to have any programming skills for the task as the software employs a pretty simple Capture process. The methods of executing macros in this utility include hot-keys, short-keys, window activation, mouse click, scheduled macros, popup menus and more. You can restrict macros too and completely customize where they can be activated. It is available in a standard as well as pro version for Windows computers.

6 – PhraseExpress:


Now here we have a contender in our list of programs like AutoHotkey for people who extensively make use of the text expanding feature of the software in question. PhraseExpress comes across as a perfect solution for those who are required to type a lot and is said to be better than most AutoCorrect programs that come with official packages.

You can use it for filling out web forms, in custom database applications or in chat sessions as well. The phrases are saved in a data file which can easily be transferred to any computer system or backed up for restoring if the need be. You can even deactivate the Caps Lock key and share the phrases with various people on a network. It works on system running Windows XP, 7 and 8.


So these are some of the AutoHotkey alternatives that we think can replace the said software. If you happen to use any of these, do get back to us to share your experiences with us. And in case you know of utilities that should have been on this list, feel free to tell us about them too.