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Australia Wants To Integrate Facial Recognition Technology Into Websites

iPhone X Face ID As the internet and technology keep evolving, some of the additional security measures have to be taken in order to maintain the security of the users. Governments of different countries have adjusted their regulations according to the needs of the users and the demand of the digital market, though there are still some steps to be taken in order to prevent people, especially children, from the scams and illegal activities.

Online casinos need especially good attention, in order to avoid children using them, in one way or another. In order to cease the problem with children entering the related websites illegally while using their false documents or the stolen documents of their parents, the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs has proposed using facial recognition technology for the verification process on the casino websites.

A similar practice has already been implemented in the US, as well as the UK. Australia plans to use more developed and enhanced technology of having a database with all of the documents and images of the users. Australia already has some facial recognition technology that is used by law enforcement. Noting that this plan by the Department of Home Affairs is absolutely meant to expand Australia’s facial recognition technology programs beyond the oversight of courts.

The country is planning to vote a database of millions of faces gathered from licenses, passports and other identification documents from all over the country. From one perspective it seems that the new regulation is supposed to be used in order to lower the number of identity crimes, some people have concerns that the initiative has the intention of expanding facial recognition surveillance without further involvement and effort, but with a timestamp of a very instant that you view any gambling sites.

The comments regarding the new technology implementation have been made by the government representatives, stating that:

“[…] Home Affairs is developing a Face Verification Service which matches a person’s photo against images used on one of their evidence of identity documents to help verify their identity. The Face Verification Service complements the Document Verification Service by preventing the use of stolen as well as fake identity information. This could assist in age verification, for example by preventing a minor from using their parent’s driver’s license to circumvent age verification controls.”

The insistence on the age verification technology can be related to the individual identities and all the concerns that may pop up such as security and privacy issues are not something that Australia is going to tackle for the first time.

In the long-time perspective, Australia’s Department of Home Affairs plans to have facial recognition technology as a common practice in daily usage. Despite the technology has some technical issues to be sophisticated, it can be used for any purpose with having a huge database of ID as a backup.

“Whilst they are primarily designed to prevent identity crime, Home Affairs would support the increased use of the Document and Face Verification Services across the Australian economy to strengthen age verification processes.”

Facial recognition technology is rising all over the world, and while some of the gadgets and institutions have adjusted and implemented the technology, Australia is planning to implement and integrate the high-tech in the gambling sites, perhaps acting as a role model for other countries, who might follow their example in some other spheres as well. One thing can be said, that although the government is doing it in order to prevent crimes, and provide security for the users, the ID base they will end up with, will be one of the most sophisticated. In other words, they might be doing it for good, but intentions can raise the topic on the privacy of the user.