AUO Ultra Slim LCD TV: Slimmest of All

AUO TV While television brands and LCD screens are busy competing in regards to their sizes and technical specification, AUO steps in to the competition pool with its ultra-slim LCD Television.

The 42-inch LCD screen is as slim as less than 10mm thick and 44% lighter in comparison to the conventional models. The LCD TV provides a great picture with its high brightness at 450 nits. The white LED cuts down on the power consumption without compromising on the best quality. The television projects a best show with the High Dynamic Contrast technology which improves the contrast ratio above 200,000:1 with its 16×8 LED blocks for local dimming function.

If the technical specifications have got you confused, to explain in simpler terms, the AUO Ultra Slim LCD TV provides an excellent quality view with the slimmest of looks. The price or availability of the slim TV yet remains a mystery.