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Audi Computer mouse price in India and availability roll in

Audi Computer Mouse

The Audi Computer mouse is here for all those who’d like to drive their vehicle out of the parking lot and right into their workspace. Not literally, of course. This is not the first time that the German auto maker has taken time away from its Audi cars and attempted to give fans a chance to express their love for the brand in other ways.

Apart from the Audi Computer mouse, the company also sells car accessories, beanies, duffel bags, clothes and much more under its label. The PC peripheral in question is crafted to look like a four wheeler. It is silver gray in color and seems easy enough to handle. We mean, how difficult would it be to get used to a mouse shaped like a car? We’ve seen much worse in this device category; like ‘back’ buttons which cannot be turned off and keep getting hit accidentally by our thumb while we surf the web.

The Audi Computer mouse doesn’t have any controls except for the left and right click buttons as well as the scroll wheel in black. It is integrated with a 2000 dpi sensor. With 2.4Ghz technology, it features a wireless build and works within a range of 6 meters from the PC it’s attached to. The gadget can be plugged into a USB 1.1 or 2.0 port. The overall design is sort of nondescript and says nothing about the branding. Lastly, it is compatible with both Mac and Windows PC.

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We don’t know about the availability status of the Audi computer mouse in the US since the online store for the product shows a $79 tag, but appears to be out of stock at present and has a release date marked for July. The computer mouse has a price of Rs 5,599 for India and can be purchased through authorized dealerships. Here’s the thing though, there are better looking, feature-rich Razer mice which can be grabbed for less than that in the country.