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AT&T enters in-home tech support system for consumers in USA

In what is supposedly a move against the Best Buy’s “Geek Squad”, AT&T today announced that it is now entering into consumers tech support in USA. The tech support service set by AT&T is called the ConnecTech. The company will also be offering its service to customers who are not necessarily AT&T telecom service subscribers.

AT&T ConnecTech ConnecTech is the tech support service meant only for homes and not businesses. Since now-a-days a lot of sophisticated technology is seeping into homes with systems like home theatres, music systems, laptops, computerized gaming consoles, etc. this is the best time AT&T can provide help to consumers and also reap benefits from it.

“We’re already out in customers’ homes. They’re buying plasma TVs and connecting PCs with peripherals and printers,” said Carmen Nava, senior vice president of consumer marketing operations for AT&T. “We’re now able with ConnecTech to install service, connect their devices, optimize the service and really bring out the full value of what they’ve purchased.”

The service charges have been reported to begin at $69 for phone support required for computers, $99 for installation of a computer/computer network, $179 for PC servicing and $149 for home theatre or TV setup and so on. The charges are for two-hours since on site and extra charges will be implied for multiple trips and extended distance. Further details about the service can be obtained from AT&T’s official website.