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AT&T debuts Apple iPhone Rate Plans for Business Customers

Apple iPhone and AT&T logo Here’s an offer that may just tempt you to perhaps ditch your BlackBerry!

AT&T has announced Apple iPhone rate plans for business consumers. With the new Enterprise Data Plan, business customers can reduce their iPhone bill by $25 till December 31, 2008, provided the plan is adopted before March 31, 2008. So whilst normal users will end up paying $60, under the monthly service plan for AT&T Wireless business customers with an iPhone need to shell out only $45. However, this will last only upto January 1, 2009, after which the rental will go back to $60 a month for one and all.

If you want to avail of the Enterprise Data Plan, then you have to firstly ask your company to buy the plan for you or alternatively have to be authorized by your company as an “authorized order placer.”

Apparently, no discounts will be offered on the iPhone device for business customers.

The AT&T Wireless business plan will include all the consumer offerings for the iPhone, only that under the Enterprise Data Plan, all users will automatically qualify for adding a Data Global Add-On plan.

With the Data Global Add-On plan, users can get 20MB of monthly data consumption for $24.99 or shell out $59.99 for 50MB worth of data consumption across 29 countries. Consumer AT&T iPhone customers have to qualify to take advantage of the Data Global Add-On plan only after six months of service.

The 3 Enterprise Data Plans are:

The New AT&T-iPhone Business Plan

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