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Asus XG Station – the First External Video Card unveiled

The Asu XG Station Asus debuts XG Station – the industry’s very first external video card for laptops. The Asus XG Station is packed with an Asus EN7900GS graphics card and is equipped with Express Card interface, USB 2.0 and Dolby headphones; thereby seamlessly integrating notebook computing with PC graphics power.

The Asus XG Station manages to perfectly balance between mobile notebook computing and high powered 3D gaming or multimedia experience.

Using the Asus XG Station Asus XG Station external video card brings the power of a dedicated 3D graphics engine, offering users with the best of both the compact notebook arena and the spectrum of a large LCD monitors. You need to simply plug in the XG Station to the LCD monitor and connect the notebook via an Express Card connector and get ready to game!

The Asus XG Station is the world’s first docking station to provide a standard PCI Express slot for additional graphics computing power on notebook computers with Express Card slot, delivering VISTA Premium performance. The external video card also conveniently accommodates future graphics technology such as, HDCP and HDMI upgrades possibility. Lab experiments on a notebook based on Intel 945GM graphics connected to the XG station with a ASUS EN7900GS graphics card showed an astounding 9 times faster acceleration.

In addition, the Asus XG Station external video card also incorporates enhanced audio and video functions. With Dolby Headphone technology any headphone has the ability of delivering cinematic 5.1-channel surround sound for a dynamic true-to-life quality during PC game play and music or video playback. Real-time Overclocking is easily controlled with the ergonomic knob design for simple GPU clock speed adjustments.

XG Station has been developed having one essential criterion in mind and that is of ‘ease of use’. A large LED screen is adopted to provide clear display of critical system status statistics including the following:

  • System master volume
  • GPU clock speed
  • Current GPU temperature
  • Dolby® Headphone feature status
  • Current actual Frames Per Second (FPS) information
  • GPU fan speed Indicator
  • The Asus XG Station also has a dedicated control panel to let users control the settings through the GUI based interface and easily switch modes between the notebook screen and the external LCD monitor

The Asus XG Station external video card is slated to hit shelves by the beginning of the second quarter of 2007. The entire pack will include the XG Station graphics docking station, one Asus EN7900GS graphics card and assorted accessories.