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Asus unveils UF735 Digital Frame

UF735 Digital Frames Asus has announced the launch of a 7-inch digital photo frame named UF735. Asus claims that the new digital frame doubles as a mini monitor on your desk to show information updates such as messenger windows, gadget information, picture viewer etc.

The UF735 digital frame is embedded with a 7-inch high-resolution digital LCD panel to display photos. Users can enjoy their favorite photos and music through memory cards, USB flash or syncing with the computer.

The frames are designed with an exquisite metal frame, lighting effects, and symmetrical and intuitive control buttons which offer user-friendly functional settings. The frame features Foto-in-motion Technology. For displaying photos, the UF735 frame boasts 5 modes, which can alternatively be selected according to users’ preferences.

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Asus UF735 can also be used as a secondary display. It enables users to work unabatedly on the main monitor while still receiving updates like messenger windows, gadget information, picture viewer etc.

Moreover it offers three modes of capturing screen information. For example users can drag and drop whatever forms from the main display of their PC or laptop to the UF735 in an extended mode.

Calendar and alarm is also incorporated into the new digital frame. And the reminiscence function allows users to search photos easily in the UFOTO UF735 according to a specific date. Also, with a rotatable stand for vertical, horizontal or wall-mount placement, users can easily place the UF735 almost anywhere at home.

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The price and availability of the UF735 has not been announced by Asus as of now.

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