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Asus PadFone Mini 4.3 sneaks out before official debut

With four more days to go before its official launch, the Asus PadFone Mini 4.3 has broken cover in its full glory. The dude behind the @evleaks Twitter account managed to get his sticky fingers on what appear to be press shots of the device in question.

The upcoming hybrid will be the fourth in the series which also includes the PadFone, PadFone 2 and PadFone Infinity. The new one sports the same design concept of a tablet and smartphone combination. So when you’re not using it as a handset, slip it into the main shell and take advantage of a bigger display.

Since the word Mini is attached to the moniker, it’s fair to assume that both or just the tablet part of the hybrid will be smaller. A 7-inch main touchscreen and a 4.5-inch phone, perhaps? We’re not sure if the device will be offered in any other hue other than gray, but it should be considering that its siblings came in a couple of color choices.

It’ll be difficult to glean anything more from the images. Phandroid says that Asus has already sent out invites for a December 11 event in Taiwan where the PadFone Mini is expected to be revealed.