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Asus M70AD is a desktop PC with NFC support, priced at Rs 62,000

The piece of machinery you’re looking at here is called the Asus M70AD, and it’s a desktop PC which you can pick up for Rs 62,000. Described as the world’s first such product to house NFC support, it makes for easy syncing of content between the desktop and your Android-based mobile devices.

The Asus M70AD comes pre-installed with a 64-bit copy of Windows 8, and it gains steam from 4th generation Intel Core processors which can be chosen from their i3, i5 or i7 options. You can even choose from a variety of Nvidia GeForce graphics cards up to GTX650.

Asus M70AD

With aid from its NFC attributes, the product is able to provide wire-free pairing of desktop PCs with Android smart devices, thus allowing you to easily log into Windows, share content and launch applications. Moreover, Asus’ NFC Express technology automatically backs up photos and videos from Android device onto the desktop PC when paired using NFC.

Another highlight of the Asus M70AD is its built-in UPS which should come in handy when the power supply is cut off suddenly. In addition, wireless charging has also been incorporated into this machine in the form of the Qi inductive power standard.

There’s no mention yet of a release date for the Asus M70AD, but it can be expected to hit the market soon. Like we said, it’s priced at Rs 62,000, and those wishing to take a look at its specifications can head on over to this link.