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Asus LS221H – the Thinnest Display ever, introduced

Asus LS221H Monitor Asus has unveiled its new 22-inch LCD screen, which is claimed to be the thinnest LCD display. The LS221H display features a thickness of just 0.98 inches at its thickest point.

The monitor is developed using leather and extra-hardened glass material at the bottom half. These materials are normally not used in LCDs. The extra-hardened glass protects the LCD from scratches and also helps it to deliver better visual quality.

Besides, the monitor boasts dynamic contrast ratio of 4,000:1 and features dynamic color adjustments too. A 2ms response times, Aspect Control function allowing users to select display modes between Full and 4:3 modes, and the Asus Splendid Video Intelligence Technology automatically optimizing visual quality are some of the other attributes of the thinnest monitor.

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Also the Asus LS221H monitor includes a 170° viewing angle, 300nits brightness, D-SUB and HDMI inputs, 5 video preset modes and 3 skin-tone selections.

Asus has not revealed the pricing and availability of the LS221H monitor.

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