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Asus Eee Skype Certified Standalone Videophone releases in UK

Asus Skype Eee videophone

Just last month we had reported about upcoming Asus products for the Eee family that were displayed at the CeBit 2009. The line-up also included the world’s first Skype certified videophone called as the Eee videophone which has now arrived in the UK.

Built for unlimited and free video calling over the internet, the Asus Eee videophone actually eliminates the need for a computer. The Skype certified standalone videophone is a compact and user-friendly device that is loaded with a host of advanced features and functions.

The portable PC-free videophone for Skype comes with a large and clear 7-inch LCD display along with an integrated webcam. Featuring a speaker and microphone, the videophone delivers supreme sound quality during calls.

“The Eee videophone is Skype’s first foray with a partner into the videophone category,” commented Manrique Brenes, Skype’s director of business development and product management for consumer electronics. “With more than 25% of Skype-to-Skype calls including video, we know that video calling is an easy, accessible and relevant way for people to communicate. The videophone offers the benefits of video calling to a much wider audience, allowing friends and families to share their worlds face-to-face without being tied to a computer.”

The videophone is incorporated with a top-class video sensor that allows it to function much better in dark rooms than standard camera solutions. The videophone also includes a standard mini-jack headset.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the Asus Eee videophone is ultra-portable and can be used without being attached to a wall socket or a PC. Besides, the phone sports an intuitive icon-based user interface. The easy-to-use videophone additionally sports dual connectivity with both Wi-Fi and LAN options for seamless internet calls.

The innovative Skype certified phone can be pre-ordered now in Europe through Amazon or the Skype shop. The Eee videophone comes for a price of around £219.95.