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‘Assembled in India’ iPhone SE goes up for sale

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Apple’s Made in India iPhones are finally ready for business and have started hitting select stores in Bengaluru. That’s according to a new report by The Times of India, with the company itself not confirming the development.

So far, Apple has only verified that it’s assembling the iPhone SE in India via its OEM partner Wistron’s Bengaluru plant. It’s been mum on how much it’ll be priced in India. According to the article, the 32GB model is selling at Rs 27200 and the 128GB one at Rs 37200.

This is pretty disappointing since the figures are the same as the iPhone SE’s official cost. Many expected Apple to lower rates after it began manufacturing in India. This still has a chance of happening, with PTI reporting that the Indian government is asking the brand to submit its investment plans and only then taking a call on whether its request for tax concessions will be green-lit.

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If the iPhone SE doesn’t get any cheaper officially, then the only factor which sets it apart from the units already available is the ‘Assembled in India’ label imprinted on it. There have been reports of Apple allowing retailers to slash costs in order to drive up sales, so perhaps the device will be sold at a discounted rate like its China-made counterpart currently is.

Wistron has supposedly put together a few thousand units of the iPhone SE so far, with production expected to swing into high gear only after the new GST regime rolls out on July 1. Sources claims that Apple resellers and retail partners at present have a few tens of units of the locally-made iPhones in Bengaluru.