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Ashton Kutcher beats CNN to 1 million Twitter followers

We’ve all been watching as actor Ashton Kutcher and CNN Breaking News started their neck-and-neck race to be the first to gain a record 1 million followers on Twitter. Well, the verdict is in those who bet on Kutcher had their money on the winner.

The social network and micro-blogging site which went live in March 2006, enjoys its reputation as a hub for breaking news. We’re sure that not everyone will be happy that a celebrity beat a news site to the finish line.

But celebrities have a wide and influential reach and the chance of an important Tweet hitting a massive audience rather quickly is not something to sniff at. Twitter is fed by a community of users from all walks of life. Why should it exclude celebrities as a source for news?

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UPDATE: Kutcher has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first to accumulate one million followers on Twitter.

By the way, the actor and husband of actress, Demi Moore, was trailing at third place behind pop star Britney Spears and CNN when public interest in the first ‘Twitterer’ to hit 1 million followers started swelling.

For those who were watching it, Kutcher called for champagne on his Ustream.TV web feed when he starting inching closer to the 1 million mark. Meanwhile, CNN lost by fewer than twelve hundred followers.

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The debate over whether or not celebrities should exert their influence via Twitter has only grown stronger over the weekend as Oprah Winfrey posted her first tweet too. But if Twitter hopes to stay free and become profitable, it will have to embrace wider acceptance of celebrities and the flock of followers they will inevitably bring along.