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Aprofita Review: A mobile apps discount store lucrative for developers and users alike


aprofita Aprofita is a name you probably haven’t heard till now, but if you’re someone who wouldn’t say ‘no’ to discounts on paid apps, in-apps, and subscriptions, get ready to be introduced to the most interesting promotion tool you’re going to encounter. Here’s a platform that offers cashbacks on both app and in-app purchases, while at the same time, helping developers boost their downloads.

The idea of Aprofita is that when you grab a paid app (or in-app, that is), you are provided with a cashback into your account. Depending on the developer’s choice, these cashbacks can run up to 100 percent in some cases. That’s basically like getting a paid app for free. Even more than that – if you’re a new user, Aprofita will double the cashback you get for your first purchase.

And if you’re thinking the cashback will only be spendable on buying other apps, there’s a surprise for you. Aprofita directly refunds your money to your PayPal account, allowing you to withdraw it at any time you wish to.


A layout populated by the top-selling apps and in-app purchases is placed in front of you. It’s complete with app ratings, offer prices as well as their original prices on the app store. You can sort them according to best-sellers, new products, expiring soon and much more. Once a user decides to make a purchase, they will be redirected to the App Store, and this will ensure the legitimacy of the transactions.

Aprofita also has categories that help you narrow down your searches. In case you are looking for music apps or photo editing apps, you can just open the pull-out menu and click on your desired choice to get the results sorted.

Not surprisingly, there is a wishlist system as well. Moreover, each app gets its own page, complete with screenshots, descriptions and other basic information. This gives it a feel of being an app store by itself, but just one that offers valuable discounts.


As a developer, the Aprofita proposition is equally lucrative. Once registered, they will be provided with an Admin panel that will help them create, manage and analyze their campaigns. And what’s also impressive is the dynamic nature of this platform. You can run multiple campaigns at a time, put any of them on hold or resume at any moment.

From the point of view of developers, the idea of Aprofita comes as a counter to the traditional methods of app advertising. These mostly include social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, and of course, ad networks. More often than not, a developer will find their advertising budget being depleted day after day, only to receive little incentive out of it.

That’s because they are paying the advertisers just for traffic acquisition. This means they have no liability towards conversions. Where Aprofita does things differently is that it works on a CPI or ‘Cost Per Install’ basis. This is a surefire method of getting what you paid for.

It is important to note that Aprofita is an app promotion and monetization platform, yet all its purchases still happen on the App Store. It gives developers the opportunity to offer consumers high-value cashbacks and discounts on their app purchases. And like we said, they can even provide 100 percent cashbacks if they please.


Developers can even use their Admin panel for getting a thorough view of their analytics. Everything from campaign performance to purchase statistics is accessible here.

Aprofita is basically a win-win for both consumers and developers. It definitely has a reason to exist in today’s times, what with apps, and especially games, running you dry with their prices and in-app purchases.