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4 Apps You Should Use for Better Social Media Marketing Today


When it comes to getting your brand name known and new customers through the door, social media is often seen as one of the best marketing strategies to use in this day and age. However, many business people struggle to find the time to really commit to their social media marketing, and even if they do, might try sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for months with little to show for their effort.

It’s important to understand that it takes a lot more than simply signing up for an account and uploading the odd image or writing an occasional post for social media marketing to be successful. If you want to create goals for your social media campaigns that actually get realized, you need to go about your marketing strategically. With millions of people around the world on social media sites, it can be challenging to stand out for the right reasons, as well as find the time to post on the regular basis that is required.

This is where some of the many great apps on the market can come in handy. Applications don’t just help you to save time, but can also ensure that each of your posts has more of an impact. Read on for four top apps that you should download today.


One of the best ways to make your marketing soar is to build relationships with the important people and companies in your industry. You can do this through social media by mentioning them in your posts, blog content, graphics, videos and the like. After that, you also need to make sure they all hear about your shout out, so that hopefully they will share it with their followers in turn.

While it’s possible to manually connect with each person or business you mention in your content, this takes up a lot of valuable time. Fortunately, there is an app that can do the hard work for you on Twitter. Notifier is an application that searches for brands and people in your content automatically, and then locates the relevant Twitter handles to match. Once this has been done, the system creates its own tweets for you. These can then be sent as is, or you can choose to edit them first if you’d prefer.

The app lets you control how many mentions you’d like included in each tweet, as well as if messages are sent out in one group or individually. Tweets can also be sent straight to Buffer so that you can organize the posts amongst the rest of your social media calendar.


In recent years, live-streaming apps like SnapChat and Periscope have become huge in the world of social media, as more and more people have started checking out live content. If you’d like to utilize this trend for your business, you might like to download the Blab app.

This system lets you host your own mini social-media show, as it allows four people at once to chat on camera. Use the app and you can enjoy a talk-show style vibe, and have viewers feel like they’re involved in an event rather than just seeing a static post. They can also use the live-chat interface to ask questions of the speakers.


For businesses, the app is perfect for teaching viewers, building an audience, talking about hot topics, connecting with customers, promoting products and services, and interviewing industry movers and shakers.


On social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, graphics have a huge impact because of their visual appeal. However, lots of marketers don’t make sure that the quality of the pictures they upload is top notch, and that the right message is conveyed each time. If you need some help with this, you should check out the Over app.

Created for Apple devices, Over helps graphics to stand out and not get lost in a sea of content by providing image editing and filtering, and the addition of text or artwork to pictures. You can add multiple elements to each photo, as well as individually style, recolor and resize graphics. The addition of note-worthy text can also help to clarify your message.


Another app that makes it easy to create, share and analyze striking images on social media pages is Buffer’s Pablo system. While the first edition of the tech was launched in 2015, the newer Pablo 2.0 is even better and simpler to use than the first.

It allows you to incorporate text and other design elements from web pages into each of your pictures, as well as schedule the release of your graphics in Buffer. In addition, the system even lets you test and measure each post, because it provides sharing data on every image’s performance online.