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7 Apps Like Showbox | Best Streaming App Alternatives In 2022

These are the best apps like Showbox you’ll need if you’re serious about streaming movies. Who doesn’t love watching TV shows and movies for free? If you’re a little worn out with paid services such as Netflix and Hulu, or you’re simply looking for a replacement for your favourite free video streaming app, scroll on down for a few of the best apps like Showbox that we’ve put together. Some of them are completely free but display ads during their video content, which they use to pay for their service. Others on this list are more like Showbox and you’ll need to go off the Play Store and other official sources to get them.

If you don’t know what Showbox is, check our brief description below before jumping into the best Showbox alternatives that we’ve ferretted out just for you.

What is Showbox?

showbox app Showbox APK, the Android app and so-called streaming hub for movies and TV shows, has been shut down. The Showbox app worked in a rather simple way: It connected users to video content, often the very latest releases, found around the Internet. The interface and mode of operation meant that Showbox gained a huge fan following, and with the service no longer operational, those loyal users need to get their video streaming needs from elsewhere. With all this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best movies apps similar to Showbox, so now you can stream your favourite TV shows and films, all for free.

The Showbox app alternatives that we’ve dug up have a huge library of great HD content so you’ll never be left with an empty feeling on a Friday night when you’re looking for something stellar to watch. Some of them, not very unlike Showbox, don’t always source links for the content from sources that are completely above board, and so we’re going to start with the ones that are completely free and clear.

1 – Pluto TV

pluto tv app Think of apps similar to Showbox and you may not instantly think of Pluto TV. Pluto TV seems, at first glance, a suitable replacement for cable TV, rather than a Showbox alternative, with its live TV channels. What’s great about the app, apart from the fact that it is 100% free, is that you don’t even need to sign in. Simply download the app and you’re good to go: you can start watching immediately. Of course, this is due to the fact that it is ad supported. That shouldn’t be much of a concern though, as you’ll only have to watch a few, infrequent advertisements during your streaming.

The fact that this app like Showbox has live TV channels means that it is great if you’re unsure of what to watch. Simply browse their several live channels, organized by genre, and you’ll soon find something you’ll like. But where Pluto TV comes into its own as a Showbox alternative is its decent selection of on-demand video content – it boasts thousands of movies with over 100,000 hours of content! Many of these, from what we’ve seen, are older TV shows such as Beverly Hills 90210, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Three’s Company, among others, but there’s some newer stuff too. And there is also a host of news channels including CNN, NBC News, and CBSN.

The ViacomCBS-owned app is available for a variety of platforms including Android phones and TVs, Apple devices, Roku and Amazon Fire devices. And if you do register for an account, you can set favourite channels and pick up watching on other devices from where you left off.

However, it must be mentioned that Pluto TV’s navigation and interface may leave a little to be desired, and searching through its troves of content can be frustrating at times since there is no search functionality, something utterly lacking in an app of this nature, but its wealth of content, especially its classic TV and movies, is definitely a positive.

Download Pluto TV for Web, iOS, and Android.

2 – Tubi TV

Tubi TV This one just cannot be left off a list of apps similar to Showbox. Like Pluto TV, Tubi TV is a free streaming service with a decent line-up of films and television shows from studios such as MGM, Paramount, Warner Bros. and Lionsgate. The service does not seem have any original content, but with its claimed offering of more than 20,000 movies and TV shows, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something that you’ll love to watch.

Now owned by Fox, Tubi truly is completely free – Tubi TV does not offer a subscription service – and the makers say that ads appear on the platform’s movies and TV shows every 15 minutes or so with about 4 to 8 minutes of ads for every hour of content. This seems like a decent disruption which shouldn’t be too intrusive. However, as a side note, from the time that we used the platform (in browser and on Android), the ads seemed less frequent than the makers of the app claim, meaning that you will likely enjoy even fewer interruptions in your streaming.

Coming to the most important aspect of a video streaming service, i.e. the content, you’ll find that while Tubi does occasionally throw up some fresh, new stuff, most of the films and TV shows available on the platform’s library seem to be a bit old. That being said, however, you’ve still got big names and blockbuster films to browse through.

The Tubi TV interface is also simple to browse through and the app includes search functionality, unlike Pluto TV. It is available for a host of platforms including Android, iOS, Firestick TV and more. With is lovely content line-up and easy-to-navigate interface, we can see Tubi TV easily becoming a staple for a movie or two a week and regular streaming of TV shows.

Download Tubi TV for Web, iOS, and Android.

3 – Crackle

Crackle This Sony-owned app, one of the many alternative apps similar to Showbox, is another place for free video content, a lot of which is top-notch stuff from big studios and starring big name actors. So that’s great right off the bat. And all this is compounded by its simple user interface and ease when it comes to searching for the film or television show you want.

Crackle is free and doesn’t require a sign-up, although creating an account will make things much simpler, as you can add content to your watch-later list. The ads you are made to watch don’t take up too much of your viewing time; however, the worst part about the ads is that, if you’re watching on a computer browser, Crackle pauses them if you switch to another tab.

Taking on Netflix, Crackle does have original content too, and you can expect a few big names in this department as well. Examples include The Art of More, a thriller about the cutthroat world of New York auction houses, starring Kate Bosworth and Dennis Quaid, and a show called Going from Broke, which deals with student debt in the US, with Aston Kutcher as executive producer.

We felt the Crackle user interface had a little to be desired and the featured content could use a slight overhaul, but it definitely seems like a great option to check out if you enjoy a flick a few times a week. Currently, the service is only offered in the US and US territories.

Note about using a VPN: Before jumping to these next apps like Showbox, a word to the wise: Whenever you browse the web or access the Internet, it’s possible that you might, unbeknownst to you, come across copyrighted material. This is why it is recommended you use the following apps once you have a VPN set up and running. While some content available through these apps may be free of any copyright conflict, it may turn out that not all of it is. So to protect yourself, it’s best to safeguard your online video streaming sessions with a VPN of your choice. Remember that most VPN services also require a subscription on their own.

Download Pluto TV for Web, iOS, and Android.

4 – Cinema APK

Cinema APK Cinema APK is an off-Play Store app that you can install on your device for streaming movies and TV shows. The app itself acts as a gateway or tunnel, aggregating content from a variety of sources, and in doing so, it precariously skirts the complex legal lines. That is to say that while the app may not be untoward, the same cannot be said for all of its content. You’ll have to find a source that you trust, however, from where you can download the .apk file to install the app itself, and you’ll have to enable the installation of non-Play Store apps on your device if you want to try out the app.

Since this app on our roster of Showbox alternatives gathers content from other sources, there is a good chance you will have access to some of the latest television series and films. Cinema APK allows you not only to stream content to your device, but also to download it for viewing later.

The interface seems simple and easy to navigate, and its large selection of content will make it an attractive prospect. However, installing the app may be a bit of a hassle, which is the trade-off. Its seeming wealth of content makes Cinema APK one of the top Showbox app alternatives.

Download Pluto TV for Android.

5 – Titanium TV

Titanium TV Another Android app that you can download from sources other than official ones, Titanium TV is very similar in its functionality to Cinema APK. In addition to streaming HD content from a variety of sources, the app allows users to download and watch video content at their leisure, a very handy feature.

Said to be a clone of Terrarium TV, the app’s user interface seems simplistic, which should make it easy to navigate, and there is a TV calendar where you can check for movies and television shows coming soon as well as recently updated video content. Or you can just use the search functionality to find your preferred TV show or film.

Among the movie apps similar to Showbox, it may be quite a bit complicated to install and use, and the HD links may be wanting, but once installed Titanium TV makes for a good alternative to Showbox.

Download Pluto TV for iOS, and Android.

6 – CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV Just like Titanium TV, this app is a Terrarium TV clone, so its design and feel seem very similar to the aforementioned content streaming app. And like some of the apps on this list, CyberFlix TV scrapes the Internet for links to a wide variety of TV shows and films, including some of the latest ones.

As with the other apps similar to Showbox on this list, it’s best to use this one with a VPN, as there is a possibility that not all of the links its aggregates are 100% above board. A consequence of this type of platform for streaming videos: no ads. The app also has a calendar which notifies you about upcoming TV shows and movies, so you can be ready when they hit CyberFlix TV’s library. The app even offers push support, sending a notification when new content becomes available.

The app gives users the option of watching their videos in 720p or 1080p resolution, which is best for viewing on a television screen, but sometimes SD links are also thrown up. CyberFlix does come with a native video player, but it gives you the option to switch to any other installed video player of your choice.

Download Pluto TV for Android.

7 – UnlockMyTV

UnlockMyTV Here is another streaming app that pulls links from various sources on the Internet to provide users with an array of video content, and it seems as though UnlockMyTV has a good amount of content relating to TV shows and movies. Not very different from the other off-store apps on this list of Showbox alternatives, UnlockMyTV looks and feels a lot like Cinema APK. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that it is an almost identical clone of the aforementioned app.

The feature list is pretty much the same too, and the clean interface should be no trouble at all to navigate, especially if you’re already familiar with other similar apps. And, if you’re not happy with the default media player, the app allows you to switch to a player of your preference.

Download Pluto TV for Android.

Apps like ShowBox: FAQ

Q: What is the best app to replace Showbox?

A: We love Tubi TV for its ease of use, its simple interface that’s quick to navigate, and its line-up of movies and TV shows. However, one of the best apps similar to Showbox we’d say is CyberFlix TV. What gives it an edge is its simplistic look and feel, plus the fact that the app has a calendar and even includes push support to notify users of new releases.

Q: Is Showbox working again in 2020?

A: One of most liked video streaming apps, Showbox has been shut down as of March 2021. Showbox is still down and may not be working again but there are several similar movie apps that are easy to install and simple to use. For now you will have to content yourself with an alternative to Showbox.

Q: Is MovieBox the same as Showbox?

A: The short answer is, no. MovieBox was released for iOS and Apple platforms while Showbox was released for Android devices. They way in which they work is similar, with Moviebox said to use the power of P2P to deliver good quality movies and TV shows. Showbox’s content delivery is pretty much the same, and you can choose your content from various links provided.

Q: Is there a working version of Showbox?

A: Unfortunately, there isn’t a working version of Showbox as the app and service it provided have been shut down by its creators. You may see a lot of links to questionable websites saying that you can download the Showbox app on their platform, but most of these seem to be fake, carrying with them the danger of malware and other harmful software. It’s best to be safe and steer clear of the websites promising a Showbox app in 2022, especially since there are quite a few alternative video streaming apps that offer a wealth of video content.

Disclaimer: This list of the best apps like Showbox is for informational purposes only. We cannot verify or guarantee the legality or security of any add-ons, apps or services appearing on this list of Showbox alternatives. We do not support or promote piracy in any way, and discourage unlawful streaming of copyright-protected content.