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Applications indexing real-world data via mobile data from Sense Networks

Screen shot of Citysense Sense Networks has launched Macrosense and Citysense- two software platforms, based on the real-time location data in mobiles.

“The Macrosense platform enables an entirely new business model for location based services,” said Greg Skibiski, CEO and co-founder of Sense Networks. “Location data is monetized by companies and investors who receive value from understanding emerging trends in real-time, while consumers receive compelling applications free of intrusive mobile advertising, remaining completely anonymous.”

Macrosense is a software platform that analyzes historical and real-time location data from mobile devices by leveraging the patent-pending machine learning technology. It works by collecting an enormous amount of data about indefinite locations that is emitted from mobile phones and automobiles. Each new data point is then analysed by Macrosense by leveraging the technology. A data point is a point out of the ‘billions of historic location data points’.

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“Just as Google indexed pages on the Internet to optimize web discovery, Sense Networks has indexed the real places in a city and characterized them by activity, versus proximity or demographics, to better understand the context of consumers’ offline behavior,” explains Tony Jebara, Chief Scientist, co-founder of Sense Networks, and Director of the Machine Learning Laboratory at Columbia University. “Due to the high dimensionality of location and time data, Sense Networks had to develop a revolutionary approach to effectively reduce the number of dimensions and scale the system.”

On the other hand, Citysense is a mobile map application that helps users reach the busiest places and popular night hot-spots first in the city of San Francisco. Citysense is the alpha version of real-time social navigation and nightlife discovery application. The busiest and most happening spots can be identified by the user with the help of an option that shows areas with high activities with the aid of the massive historic data stored over years. The application can be put to use on Google and Yelp with just one click and voila users get information on all the real-time hotspots.

“Citysense demonstrates the power of combining anonymous, aggregate location data for social navigation,” said Sandy Pentland, Chief Privacy Advocate, co-founder of Sense Networks, and Director of Human Dynamics Research at MIT. “The idea is similar to automobile GPS systems sharing and pooling current road speed conditions so that everyone can avoid congestion.”

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Blackberry users can download Citysense from its official website and Apple iPhone users can avail the service after the iPhone App Store launches.

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